What is the correct spelling for SOCKE?

If you have mistakenly typed "socke" instead of "sock", worry not! Common misspellings happen to everyone. To rectify it, simply replace the "e" with a "k", resulting in the correct and commonly used word "sock".

Correct spellings for SOCKE

  • coke My friend loves to drink coke with his burger.
  • locke John Locke was a philosopher known for his ideas about natural rights and the social contract.
  • sack He stuffed all of his books in the sack before heading to the library.
  • sacked The football coach was sacked after the team lost their fifth consecutive game.
  • sake I do not have any wants or needs for my own sake.
  • shock The news of the sudden accident came as a shock to everyone.
  • shocker The sudden announcement of her resignation was a shocker to everyone in the company.
  • sick I had to call in sick to work because I had a high fever.
  • sicken The smell coming from the dumpster was enough to sicken anyone.
  • Sicker My sister is getting sicker every day and needs to see a doctor.
  • sickie I'm taking a sickie today, I'm not feeling well.
  • sickle The sickle was used to harvest the wheat from the fields.
  • sicko I'm so sick of this guy, he's so sicko!
  • smock The artist wore a smock to keep her clothes clean while painting.
  • smoke I can smell the smoke from the bonfire.
  • soak After a long day of hiking, I like to relax and soak my tired muscles in a hot bath.
  • soaked After walking in the rain for hours, my clothes were thoroughly soaked.
  • Soc Soc was a nickname given to Socrates, the famous Greek philosopher.
  • soccer I am looking forward to coaching the local soccer team this season.
  • sock
  • socket I need to replace the broken plug socket in my bedroom.
  • sockeye The sockeye salmon is known for its bright red, flavorful meat.
  • SOCKS My feet are always cold so I wear fuzzy socks to keep them warm.
  • souk
  • spock The bar tender asked Spock what he wanted and Spock said "zonk".
  • spoke She spoke softly to the child, trying to calm them down.
  • stock I need to check the stock before I can tell you if we have that item available.
  • stocky He was a stocky man with broad shoulders and a muscular build.
  • stoke
  • Sucked The movie really sucked.
  • suckle The newborn calf will suckle from its mother for the first few months of life.

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