What is the correct spelling for SOEAK?

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Correct spellings for SOEAK

  • beak As for his portrait, he had a pale face, a big beak nose, very black hair that hung over his forehead and was always untidy, a blue velvet jacket, black trousers, green slippers, and small feet.
  • leak The leak securely patched, we pushed off for the land ice.
  • oak In the evening I walked up the long path, and there under the oak trees at the top where we had been used to sit, I waited.
  • peak My photograph of the peak , which loomed highest among the others on the top, possesses a profile not unusual among ice-cut rocks.
  • sac The simple creature which is only a sac is the nearest to the creative power; and since also man's filial relation to the Creator is that most insisted on, the more familiar and confiding attitude is the right one.
  • sack Next day I went with him to the market to buy a sack of potatoes.
  • sag Mr. Spiteri let go, but his antagonist was oblivious until he saw the man's face whiten and sag loosely under his blows, while from his own head, where the plaster had come off in the struggle, blood began to drip over them both.
  • saga As he sat on the rock with the soft minstrelsy of the wind crooning overhead, a score of hearth-stone recitals came back to memory; all saga -like stories of the prowess of Morgan's men.
  • sake I don't like to mention things, but for your own sake won't you try to do what is right about the pin?
  • saki One day he saki to her, "Under all this disguise you must be the most beautiful thing upon earth!
  • scar Is there no scar ?
  • sea Such a sea too!
  • seal Do you remember Sally Seal ?
  • seam The chaussure was the same with all; and appeared to be a tight-fitting jack-boot, of some species of raw hide, without seam or stitching of any kind.
  • sear I am beginning to turn toward the sear and yellow leaf, as Shakespeare puts it."
  • seat You must get in early if you wish a seat .
  • sec None of these agents are, I believe, licensed by the Board of Trade, under sec .
  • seek "Aged father," says she, "I am going to seek my fortune."
  • sick Have you been sick ?
  • skew At last, this morning, when I heard you coming, I was happy, because I was ready to skew my repentance, but I looked at you, and you seemed a different man.
  • skua Or you might get a sight of an Arctic skua going north, or a black guillemot with a fish in its mouth flying fast to feed its young.
  • sleek Wild range cattle feed there and grow sleek and fat for the fall shipping of beef.
  • sneak Didn't you do it, you sneak ?
  • sneaky Nobody would know it was just a sneaky way to get around a funny local aberration in the Building Code.
  • soak With thin, cut pieces of bamboo I will make a frame and I will use these membranes instead of paper for they are lighter and the rain will not soak them.
  • soap Towels, soap , pillow, and blanket form a part of his regular outfit when he travels by rail or otherwise at night.
  • soar They have one aim: to escape from the fatality that fixes them to the soil, to invent wings, as it were, so that they may soar above the region that gave them birth, and there expand in the light which is their blossoming.
  • sock She picked up the sock she had been mending again.
  • soda The attendant suggested a whisky and soda .
  • sofa Manley Fleetwood was lying upon an extremely uncomfortable couch, of the kind which is called a sofa .
  • souk He says of present matters,-"The people pay 6,000 mahboubs per annum; it is too small a sum for a city of merchants; there is little money in the country, it being mostly deposited in the hands of merchants in Tripoli; he wishes Christians established here, and a regular souk , or market, opened; the number of Arab troops which he has here is 120; he is building barracks and a fondouk at Emjessen, in order to station troops there to guard the wells, for the banditti come there and drink water, and then lie in ambush to plunder caravans."
  • speak I'm going to speak to her.
  • speck The speck grew larger; and she saw that it was a light boat putting toward the island.
  • squeak Hoarse cries issued from the passageway outside; then he heard a squeak as his cabin door opened and persons unknown floated inside, breathing heavily.
  • steak Pepe did ample justice to a tremendous steak .
  • teak These are very neatly built on teak -wood legs.
  • weak I think him very weak in the last miserable year.
  • Sean You remember that children's story you wrote last Christmas about an Irish imp named Sean O'Claus?
  • Soc If Belle attempts her grand airs or begins to lord it over me I'll make a scene-" Marsoc groaned.
  • Seiko Burikko (ぶりっ子, sometimes rendered Burriko in English) is a Japanese term for a style of personal appearance and demeanor that was coined and developed by Japanese idol Seiko Matsuda.
  • seas "Ay; the worst class of men a ship could enter these seas with.
  • soaks As the water soaks through this mould, it becomes loaded with decaying vegetable matter, which it carries with it down into the soil.
  • SEQ Robert Stephen, 107 "Hedges," 5, 31 Helford River, 123 Helston, 125, 137 Hills, 12, 41, 50, 96, 130 History, 21 Holy wells, 101 Housel Bay Hotel, 64 Hugh Town, 58 Hurling, 143 Killibury Castle, 85 King Arthur, 55, 72 et seq.
  • SK "'All that I a-a-sk for is all that may be, All that thou ca-a-a-rest to give unto me!
  • SKA 8. Chon'-wa-pe-ska Red leaf Dakota.
  • SWAK
  • SEGA I'd love to go to the Sega or Nintendo dumpsters, but they're like Stalag Thirteen - razorwire and motion-sensors and armed guards.
  • SOSA Perez had, at Paris, been intimate with Fray Francis de Sosa , general of the Franciscans, then Bishop of the Canaries, and a counsellor of the Inquisition, who often advised him to give himself up to the holy office, as the only means of obtaining a reconciliation.
  • un-building

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