What is the correct spelling for SOLER?

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Correct spellings for SOLER

  • sale You are going to have a sale in May.
  • sealer For that matter, continued the indignant old sealer, I should ask no better sport than to have permission to put the big toe of my right foot, under full sail, against the part of the blackguard where his beloved tail is stepped.
  • sell They would not sell."
  • seller On receipt of this request delivered through the medium of the ticket- seller, Amarilly promptly appeared at the studio.
  • slew An exception was allowed only when one man slew another by accident, and without any fault of his own, and not out of hostility or hatred.
  • sloe The earl did go himself to fetch her from Mistress Pepper's, and after that she came neither of us saw the sloe-eyed woman any more.
  • slow He was slow to explain.
  • slower Scarcely knowing what she was doing, Elsie began to run after the flying carriage at the top of her speed; Mrs. Penn followed her at a slower pace, and poor Mrs. Beaton came panting behind.
  • slue But, imposing as the sight of the wild huntsmen of the Pampas might have been, Dick could not help laughing at the mock sublimity of his situation, as he tried his first experiment on an unhappy milky mother who had strayed from her herd and was wandering disconsolately along the road, laying the dust, as slue went, with thready streams from her swollen, swinging udders.
  • slur He continued, availing himself at times of the remains of the choke to help him to slur over difficult passages.
  • sober The voyage had given him time for sober reflection.
  • soil But you took them on Canadian soil.
  • sol The window was open a little at the top, same as I've had it before once or twice these spring days, and Sol never took notice.
  • solar "They don't come from a comfortably distant solar system," said Soames, more unhappily still.
  • solder Take out the cans, drop solder on the opening, and all will be air-tight.
  • soldier I do not blame your soldier-boys.
  • sole That is the greatest reward of the writer, as it is the sole ambition of the author of these little tales.
  • soled We met no policemen, and after perhaps five minutes walking, when the strain was growing tense, my gentleman of the rubber-soled shoes swung abruptly to the left, and-entered the police station!
  • solo The solo stopped abruptly when Enoch knocked.
  • solve Facility in the use of the Principle will enable the competent commander, once he has formed a proper understanding of the basis for solution of a problem, to solve the problem correctly without reference to the Estimate Form.
  • solver To-morrow afternoon at four o'clock, Sherlock Holmes, the famous English detective, for whom such a thing as mystery does not exist; Sherlock Holmes, the most remarkable solver of enigmas the world has ever known, that marvelous man who would seem to be the creation of a romantic novelist-Sherlock Holmes will be my guest!
  • sore Now don't be sore because I'm telling ye the truth.
  • soul You've no soul and I've no soul, and there's no way that we can have them.
  • sower A slayer, yea, as when she pressed Her savage to the slaughter-heaps, To sacrifice she prompts her best: She reaps them as the sower reaps.
  • spoiler For he, the cruel spoiler of her honor, Taking advantage of the night and darkness, My daughter was not able to discern His person; nor to force a token from him, Whereby he might be afterward discover'd: But he, at his departure, pluck'd by force A ring from off her finger.
  • stole I stole the class money, and it's all gone.
  • SLR
  • sorer If the former, it served its purpose; for Justin began to feel more jealous and sorer than ever.
  • solider It's because Washington is a solider foundation.
  • crosseyed

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