What is the correct spelling for SOLIL?

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Correct spellings for SOLIL

  • loll They enjoy games of romps as much as young puppies do, and will be far happier, and thrive better, than when compelled to loll about by themselves, while you sit at your book or work in silent dignity and indifference to their requirements, however fond you may be of them-as was, I daresay, the mother spaniel of her pups.
  • sail The sail hit it, or something.
  • sell 6446. Where do you sell it?
  • sill She stepped out over the low window-sill, followed by Mrs. Verdon, Lily, and Mr. Ryan.
  • skill I once had some skill .
  • slim He was a slim fellow in a black mask."
  • slip He'd made a slip , and he was sorry.
  • slit One of them died of his wounds on the raft, and another went raving mad and slit his own throat with the top of a ration tin.
  • slowly I'm sorry, Ruth," the boy apologised slowly .
  • slyly Hazel's eyes were slyly watching him.
  • snail She who had once crossed those very plains behind a jaded team now felt that the rushing train was crawling like a snail .
  • social And is she going to do something nice for you in a social way?
  • soil Of his first uniform and his first love, two records with a soil on each.
  • sol "Yes," ses I, "they are like old Sol Hopkins's dyin cow, 'gettin no better very fast.
  • solar Nor is it only our own globe and solar system that appear to be thus bound towards an inevitable doom.
  • sold 1803. Have you ever sold shawls to any people except merchants?
  • sole The sole ambition of the inventor, said the letter in conclusion, was to place his name high in the list of celebrated French scientists.
  • soled Dragging my heavy leaden-soled boots, I pushed through a shapely silver doorway, and a fish darted past me as I entered.
  • solely I have come to this decision solely in my solicitude for your happiness."
  • solid You see there's such a solid security behind you.
  • solidly The rest of the Minority seemed to be voting "no" solidly .
  • solo No solo climbs are permitted in this park.
  • solon "Well, anyhow, you will agree, my dear commander, that in the idea of giving Celeste to this la Peyrade, there is something more than want of experience; there is, it must be said, blundering folly and immorality; for really the goings on of that barrister with Madame Colleville-" "Monsieur le maire," interrupted Phellion, with redoubled solemnity, "Solon, the law-giver, decreed no punishment for parricide, declaring it to be an impossible crime.
  • solve I'll give you half an hour to solve it.
  • soul It never occurred to Doggie that he was under orders of his own soul .
  • spill Marion replied, "that he had not overlooked the situation of the British at that spot, but he viewed the war in Carolina as over, and as the enemy were preparing to go away, he had sent a party to protect them from being annoyed by his own men; that he commanded his fellow citizens who had already shed blood enough in the cause of freedom, and that he would not spill another drop of it, now when it was unnecessary; no, not for the highest honours that could be conferred upon him."
  • spoil Why, you'd spoil it all if you even thought of trying.
  • still The girl still didn't answer.
  • swill Why do we struggle savagely for money to buy our kind of swill -luxury, food, etc.
  • Slid And you came drivin' mad across the field on a big, crazy white horse and slid down beside me where I lay.
  • Soling
  • Solos
  • Sybil Then Lady Sybil took out her violin from its case and drew the bow across the strings.
  • Selim "If Laleli Khanum dies, Selim will disappear the same hour,-laying hands on everything within reach, of course.
  • Soils Yet, even if we imagine the fossil soils of the Lower Purbeck to represent as many ages, we need not be surprised to find that they do not constitute lines of separation between strata characterised by different zoological types.
  • SOLS I got one of the rolls of quarter sols into my right fist and let Oscar go ahead.
  • SOLIS No history of the conquest of Peru, founded on original documents, and aspiring to the credit of a classic composition, like the "Conquest of Mexico" by Solis , has been attempted, as far as I am aware, by the Spaniards.

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