What is the correct spelling for SONOMO?

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Correct spellings for SONOMO

  • cinema My friend is at the cinema .
  • dynamo Laura sat upon a large deal case, and Nasmyth, looking down upon her, leaned against a dynamo .
  • genome In November 2002, Project Gutenberg could post the 75 files of the Human Genome Project, with files of dozens or hundreds of megabytes, shortly after its initial release in February 2001, because it was public domain.
  • gnome Presently an attendant gnome , stripped to the waist, appeared, nodded to Dr. Surtaine, called to some one back in the mist, and shortly brought Hal a small glass brimming with a pale-brown liquid.
  • monomer Crystallographic structures of pyruvate decarboxylaseCartoon diagram of pyruvate decarboxylase monomer with TPP attached.
  • nome A credit was awaiting me at Nome City in Alaska, but the Tchuktchi scarcely understands banking transactions.
  • salome I dropped my arm, of course, as Jesson turned to her, and it never occurred to Salome that the hand which had placed the card beside her was any other than that of her neighbour on the left, Jesson.
  • senor "Please say very little to Colonel Tassara or anybody else in this house," replied the senor , emphatically.
  • senora Do you, Domingos, help the senora and Maria to land!
  • snob I am no snob , but I do prefer some people to others, and if people do run in strata, well, nobody can tell me much I don't know about the clerk and cycle-agent class, and they don't charm me.
  • snog
  • snood She had plainly been wearing a hood of cloth like her dress, but this was now lying on the table; and her pretty dark brown hair, rather ruffled, was bound by nothing save a snood of crimson riband.
  • snoop Schirr always was a snoop and not above taking money for writing biased stories.
  • snoopy There are pictures of him by the million on magazine covers and book jackets, looking into the eyes of The Woman-he does it from a distance of about six inches-with that snoopy earnest expression of brainlessness that he always wears.
  • snoot Asking questions in a matter such as this was a fine way to get a bust in the snoot .
  • snooty
  • snooze "There, curl yourself up and snooze .
  • snore You say you are not very musical, but no one who has heard you snore will believe you."
  • snort She whipped the bit into her fierce, even, white teeth, and with a snort shot down the pike.
  • snout Adult male having a snout -vent length of 37.7 mm.
  • snow At first she wanted to go after them, but when she tried to move she could not: her limbs were as weak and cold as snow , and invisible arms were thrown around her, holding her back.
  • snowy His snowy garments were deeply stained with blood.
  • sodom It was a second Sodom .
  • some Will you have some ?
  • somme We got their measure on the Somme , and we found that when their guns failed to protect them, many of them threw up their hands.
  • son Are you a son of mine to talk like that?
  • sonar The boys were familiar with sonar because of the Spindrift work on the Submobile.
  • sonata He was playing the B minor Sonata of Chopin, with its melting second movement-so moving that it could melt the heart of the right sort of a stone.
  • song Not the song but the voice.
  • sonic
  • sonnet "Why, I sent her a sonnet -at least, no, a verse-and we were talking about it afterwards, I had written-" 'And leaning sideways, looks, and lifts The tresses of her heavy hair.
  • sonny
  • sonora
  • soon
  • sooner
  • surname
  • synod He had returned a reply to the questions, and was then waiting the determination of the synod , whether he was to be displaced from his cure or not.
  • venom
  • zoom
  • Sancho It is instructive to compare Abu al-Hasan with Sancho Panza, sprightly Arab wit with grave Spanish humour.
  • sumo
  • schmo
  • Sonia In silence and with trembling lips Sonia Danidoff made an instinctive effort again to reach the electric bell, but with a quick movement the man caught her shoulder and prevented her from doing so.
  • Sonya Dr. Sonya Borisovna Malekrinova would be working late this evening, and he wanted to get as close as possible in order to pick up as much information as he could.
  • Sonja And while the Princess talks with much condescension to the pianist of her adoration for music, Stasy whispers to Stella, "Don't be so stiff towards Sonja : you might almost be supposed to be jealous of her."
  • Sons
  • SONY
  • sonars
  • senors
  • snows The snows are melting, and the water runs swift and deep."
  • snot
  • un-fulfillments

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