What is the correct spelling for SOOCER?

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Correct spellings for SOOCER

  • boozer Haven't you enough to do without wasting your time over a boozer?
  • sauce Fill the centres with apple sauce, cover with a circle of the bread, and steam thirty minutes.
  • saucer One of the pirates now brought us a light, which consisted of a little wick in a saucer of oil.
  • slicer 95 1 vegetable slicer....................................
  • sober When he's sober, he's a wonder.
  • soccer "After all," they said, "soccer is a dangerous game, and perhaps it is wise to discourage it."
  • sooner It came sooner than I had expected.
  • sorcery "Accused of sorcery and of using black magic, he explained very simply that he had foreseen the danger, because in raising his eyes he had noticed that the part of the ground over which the herald had passed was sinking, and that he had drawn the following conclusions: "The earth seemed to have only a medium thickness.
  • sorter "But I must confess I'm sorter stunned, Dixie.
  • source Since then the herring fishing has been almost a blank; it has been a source of great loss.
  • souse This circumstance favored the efforts of the citizens trying to extinguish the fire, but Balbilla ascribed it to the foresight of her clever friend when the flames subsided in souse places and in others were altogether extinguished.
  • sower "No," answered Wolfe; "he is some vain and idle sower of unprofitable flowers; a thing who loves poetry, and, for aught I know, writes it: but that reminds me that I must rid myself of his company; yet stay; do you know this neighbourhood sufficiently to serve me as a guide?"
  • Sizer The exertions of his friends proved successful at a time when all expectations had vanished; and by their united efforts it was resolved that he should become a sizer of St. John's College, Cambridge, his brother Neville, his mother, and a benevolent individual, whose name is not mentioned, having agreed to contribute to support him.
  • Soever It is in this realm undoubtedly that competition is such a factor of rapid advance; but we forget that the food of what the best men have ever considered the best life, is not limited or divisible; but like the light and air is undiminished how many soever share it.
  • Soother But Arvilly wuz as firm as a rock to the last in her belief that Mr. Crassus drinked and that Miss Crassus wuz broken-hearted by her grief and anxiety and tryin' to cover up her pardner's doin's as the wives of drunkards will, and tryin' to keep her children from follerin' their pa's dretful example, and then after he'd jest killed her with these doin's he rared up this great monument as a conscience soother.
  • spacer That boy-he'll be a good spacer, won't he, Martha?
  • sorer The invitations had been very sparing and select, and the two little maidens had felt themselves Cinderellas indeed, all the sorer in their minds seeing that Dempsey and Betty's young man were both going.
  • sootier
  • saucier Lobban Jr et Paul Khalil Saucier, "Sal", Historical dictionary of the Republic of Cape Verde, Scarecrow Press, Lanham, Maryland ; Toronto ; Plymouth, 2007, p.
  • sourer Besides, her home life was less pleasant than it had been, for Colonel Benalta's temper was sharper and sourer than ever, and even more frequently than before he said to her, 'My dear, you know nothing: you really know nothing at all.

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