What is the correct spelling for SOPOS?

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Correct spellings for SOPOS

  • ops The antients had a notion, that when Saturn devoured his own children, his wife Ops deceived him by substituting a large stone in lieu of one of his sons, which stone was called Abadir.
  • scopes When charged with the decoration of Versailles he had under his direction fifty artists of differing scopes , which alone would show his power of assembling and leading, of blending and ordering.
  • slops Your wound would have healed of itself; that wasn't a disease; but now, instead of giving you something to build you up, he puts you on herb tea and slops ; he treats you like a child!
  • sop Standing with our feet in the damp grass and our new clothes wet to a sop , we learned then and there how much depends on the way you do a thing.
  • sops The lower and the higher elements in the population are fused by the enthusiasm of men who find themselves marching in full body on a road, under a flag, at the heels of a trusted leader; and they will no longer be fed with sops .
  • sos Once climbers have succeeded in installing themselves in the stronghold of their ambitions, they become more exclusive than their new friends ever dreamed of being, and it tries one's self-restraint to hear these new arrivals deploring "the levelling tendencies of the age," or wondering "how nice people can be beginning to call on those horrid So- and-Sos.
  • spoof Manager, head-clerk, porter, doorman and page, he told them, one and all, what a dotty old spoof of a country they lived in; that they were all dead-alive persons, fit to be neither under nor above earth; that they wouldn't be one-two in a race with January molasses-"Treacle, I believe you call it here!"
  • spool As she talked she drew from her pocket a spool of line, and took a fly-hook from her hat; then, in a trice, she had rigged a fishing-rod, and, creeping out upon a ledge, she whipped the pool below of a half-dozen rainbow trout, which she thrust into his coat while they were still wriggling.
  • spoon Lizzie looked up, a cover in one hand and a spoon in the other.
  • spoor The river bank, close to the water, was very sandy, and the spoor on the sand strip, which lay about two hundred yards from the wagons, showed that many lions used to pass to and fro over it every night.
  • spots It is with men as with certain spots in landscape, there are chance glimpses which suggest to us the fair scenes that lie beyond our view!
  • spouse You will arise from the sepulchre, as the Spouse of the Beloved.
  • stops After a pause, to arrange the stops , the music sounded as if all those who had appeared were trying to make their stories heard at once.
  • suppose I-I suppose you will come with me?
  • hoops Her great act was to dive through numerous hoops of fire while on horseback.
  • Solos Coming to a difficult passage, he exclaimed indignantly: "For the future, write solos only for my part; it is no credit to you to play better than I; it is your duty."
  • Sous R56661. Yamile sous les cedres.
  • Spies An' I'll tell her I made the dress, if she spies it out.
  • Soaps Beware of all such, and especially of tar soaps, for the black color and the strong odor of tar can cover up any amount of bad quality.
  • seeps Oxygen seeps in there somehow-the beast wants to keep her alive until it can get her out of the room to devour her."
  • spews Everytime he opens his mouth new wisdom spews forth.
  • saps Some poor saps who had gotten in bad with Benson, he guessed.
  • spurs But they themselves had their spurs to win; and it was the greatest good fortune for Maeterlinck that he was able to join their company and take part in their campaign.
  • spars We shall have a tough fight, at all events; but if we can save our spars , I don't think, notwithstanding, the enemy will take us.
  • shops That wise youth, who had gone ahead and made the most of his opportunities, was now done with pin-check suits and girls in post-card shops .
  • spoons The beautiful old silver spoons were dirty, and several of them bent almost out of recognition.
  • sups Has the merchant pored over his books the whole day, he at this happy hour sups his tea, and thinks in anticipation of Monsieur Malet's delightful party.
  • coops So Adam might have dressed-" "Oh, but you must come to Coops !"
  • spoofs
  • spays
  • swoops Suddenly, the two ends of the extended black bar contract and the middle swoops down in the shape of an inverted cone, much resembling a waterspout, and in a few seconds the cloud pours itself into the trees.
  • spooks They call themselves the Silent Spooks .
  • OOPS And I just adore extinguish-oops, I mean distinguished looking men.
  • SIPS But the Misses Byron were quite delicate and took their Paris in dainty sips.
  • SPAS Another thing just struck him as a by no means bad notion was he might have a gaze around on the spot to see about trying to make arrangements about a concert tour of summer music embracing the most prominent pleasure resorts, Margate with mixed bathing and firstrate hydros and spas, Eastbourne, Scarborough, Margate and so on, beautiful Bournemouth, the Channel islands and similar bijou spots, which might prove highly remunerative.
  • LOOPS The loops of capillaries again run together, as they did in the liver and in the lung, to form tiny veins; and these run together at the base of the thumb and in the wrist, to form larger ones through which the now poor and dirty blood is carried back up the arm over much the same course as it took in coming down it.
  • POOS
  • SCOOPS It may lie there untouched for ten years unless a rain scoops it out, and that's not likely.
  • SLOPES No use at all," said he; but just at this moment his quick eye caught sight of something else that had just appeared on the edge of one of the lower slopes, and the expression of his face instantly changed-into something like alarm.
  • SOP'S
  • SOWS Falconer, of Queen's County, states that for the early crop he sows the seed in a hot-house in February, and gradually gives the plants more room and cooler quarters until they are ready for the open ground.
  • spools I am tired;" but she put away with her usual neatness her work, and her spools of thread, her thimble and her scissors.
  • spoors Judging by the spoors crossing the road this jungle must have been full of game.
  • soups A wonderful dinner was cooked between two stones in the garden-little pig, young chickens, borshtsh, that most luxurious of soups , and ices-yes, and ices.
  • stoops They think Him at a loss when they see Him with hanging head tracing figures on the ground; they fancy their plot is successful, and, flushed with expected victory, they close in and lay their hands on his shoulder as He stoops , and demand an answer.
  • snoops You just sit quiet an' wait till Gubb snoops round enough,' he says, 'and he'll come.
  • allpowerful
  • asceticisms
  • co-wed
  • girl-friday
  • hush-hushed
  • intervaling
  • associate's
  • pikestaves

6 words made from the letters SOPOS

  • 3 letter words made from SOPOS:

    ops, sop, sos.
  • 5 letter words made from SOPOS:

  • 4 letter words made from SOPOS:

    sops, spoo.