What is the correct spelling for SOURNCE?

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Correct spellings for SOURNCE

  • bonce
  • bounce "You know," he said presently, "in spite of all my bounce, I was a shy man.
  • bouncer I'll see you to-night, of course, an' I must go now, for the bouncer has been around tellin' that you've been sleepin' in my tent, an' I count on a good payin' crowd this afternoon."
  • cornice The clerestory range is filled by a row of semi-circular headed windows, separated by intervening flat buttresses, which reach to the cornice.
  • dunce No, sir, I never beat any one, except little Jack Turner; but he is a dunce.
  • furnace Your blood doesn't course strong yet, and you are fresh from the furnace.
  • issuance But he was becoming chilled and exhausted by these fruitless efforts, and at length, after a more devious and prolonged detour, which brought him back to the swamp again, he resolved to skirt its edge in search of some other mode of issuance.
  • jounce When our clothes were hung up, and we inside the bunks, the pen was choke full, and off we rattled, with a jounce now and then that made you catch your breath.
  • nonce By this ten bones, She served me once A touch for the nonce.
  • once They are generally paid for at once.
  • ounce "Alexa," he said, putting every last ounce of authority he had into his voice, "this is not a conventional procedure, and it's possible you might suddenly need special care of some kind.
  • ponce How often have I mused that if Ponce de Leon sought the Fountain of Youth in the New World, I, Khalid, sought the Fountain of Truth, and both of us have been equally successful!
  • pounce Because when I came in, at about half-past three, the mail was just being distributed, and Mrs. Cope was waiting as usual to pounce on her letters; you know she was always watching for the postman.
  • sauce Due to the salt, the oysters and sauce will remain hot for perhaps a half hour.
  • science So here was the best that medical science could do.
  • sconce "Now, fine fellow," said the friar, "thou shalt carry me back over the water, and thou shalt have a cracked sconce for thy trouble."
  • seance This is the first seance I have ever taken part in, but I must believe now.
  • sense "I wonder I didn't have sense to get somebody to watch 'em when they went out," they heard her say.
  • sequence These were the main facts of the attendant's story-not communicated, however, with any regard to sequence, but in the most incoherent manner, and liberally interspersed with exclamations of alarm.
  • sound She didn't sound right."
  • sounder At Carvel Place there were four to be consulted, instead of two; for John had his own opinions as to taste, and they were certainly sounder than those of his wife and sister-in-law, and at least as clearly defined.
  • source They might have succeeded if Doggie had discovered any reserve source of pride from which to draw.
  • sourness She walked straight past the group of men who stood about the door to the counter, where Mr. Daggett was wrapping in brown paper two large dill pickles dripping sourness for a small girl with straw-colored pig-tails.
  • souse In a letter to Maclise he says: My foot is in the house, My bath is on the sea, And before I take a souse, Here's a single note to thee.
  • stance He stood in his customary slouch, a stance not improved by sacklike patched blue fatigues.
  • surface His hands had dropped to the rough surface of the tree; and he spoke in his ordinary voice.
  • surname I cast thee off, And once more give thee surname of mine eagle.
  • Since 4946. How long is it since that case happened?
  • Sours In summer, yeast sours easily; therefore make but little at a time.
  • Spence 5261. But such advances as were made by Spence and Co.
  • sources But its sources are always repressions of emotions, which in many cases have become unconscious.
  • sounds "Sounds like they've got a situation," Stone declared.
  • spurns My very soul spurns at it!
  • SUNS Can it be true that these countless orbs are really majestic suns, sunk to an appalling depth in the abyss of unfathomable space?