What is the correct spelling for SOURTCE?

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Correct spellings for SOURTCE

  • sauce As yet you have only tried them as a sauce .
  • saute "Some fried fish, a rabbit saute , salad and dessert," Madame Dufour said, with an important air.
  • seduce To say that I wanted to seduce you would hardly be correct, considering how little there can be of a seductive nature about a man of my years.
  • sort I once asked him how long he had been doing this sort of thing.
  • sorted A little before twelve I stood on the post office steps, with the key to the firm's box in my hand, waiting for the mail to be sorted .
  • sorter Mis' Loneway was leanin' back, laughin', an' tellin' him what they was goin' to do the minute she got well; but when she see the baby she drops her husband's hand and sorter screams out, weak, an' holds out her arms.
  • sortie Six months later, a letter came to Dicky from an Egyptian officer, saying that Heatherby of the Buffs had died gallantly fighting in a sortie sent by Gordon into the desert.
  • source I cannot be to them the source of spiritual life.
  • souse Down he came, souse , with a tremendous splash that sent mud and water flying in every direction.
  • suite That other upstairs in Suite Fourteen will desert her in a month.
  • surface What you must find is your actual distance made good over the earth's surface .
  • surtax By somewhat lowering the present limits of exemption and the figure at which the surtax shall begin to be imposed, and by increasing, step by step throughout the present graduation, the surtax itself, the income taxes as at present apportioned would yield sums sufficient to balance the books of the Treasury at the end of the fiscal year 1917 without anywhere making the burden unreasonably or oppressively heavy.
  • suttee Have we stopped one single suttee ?
  • Sours "Trouble sours the best of us, and he's had his share of trouble-what with his struggles as a youngster to get a footing in the herd, and his struggles, when he became leader, to guard his position against enemies without in the shape of tigers and hunters, an' against enemies within in the shape of younger bulls, not to speak of the jealousy of his wives; and then on top of all this, the trouble of being driven from the family when his powers were failing, maybe by a own son of his.
  • suits It suits me all right, and I thought it suited you.
  • sources The fifty-six references in Malory's Morte d'Arthur to "the French book" give no particular clue to discovery of his sources .
  • sorts Since the arrival of General Lingard, she had realised that there were all sorts of things which ordinary women-such women as Jane Oglander and Mabel Digby-know, but which she had never taken the trouble to learn.
  • suites But modern houses, even of no special pretensions, are generally delightful, with their polished wood floors and fittings, and their airy suites of rooms.
  • SORTA Jack, seein' I'm not packin' a gun, it'd look sorta natural, along with your other tricks, if you bored me.
  • sorters Philander stood about for an hour, and when he saw that Hanlon understood exactly what was expected of him and his crew-when he saw Hanlon several times correct the sorters who had left too much rock in with the ores-he turned to leave.
  • sourced
  • sorties
  • spurts
  • asexualizes
  • de-basing
  • de-porting
  • de-pose
  • girl-friday

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