What is the correct spelling for SOVIT?

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Correct spellings for SOVIT

  • Cit Cit is often used as a shorthand way to refer to the city of London.
  • civet Civet is a musky perfume made from the glandular secretions of a civet cat.
  • covet She couldn't help but covet her neighbor's stunning new car.
  • davit She climbed up the davit to get a better view.
  • fit I need to find a shirt that will fit me comfortably.
  • foist He tried to foist his old car on me, but I politely declined.
  • GOVT The GOVT announced a new initiative to promote economic growth.
  • ovid Ovid is one of the most influential Roman poets, known for his works such as "Metamorphoses" and "Ars Amatoria".
  • sat Lila sat quietly in the corner of the room, lost in her thoughts.
  • saved The boy saved his allowance for six months to buy a new bike.
  • scot The scot-free policy is unfair to honest workers.
  • SDI In order to maintain strong defense against SDI programs, nations must maintain strong military capabilities.
  • set I must set my alarm for six.
  • Sid Sid's room is immaculate.
  • sift I need to sift through all of this paperwork to find the relevant information.
  • silt The river had deposited a thick layer of silt at its mouth.
  • sit Tim needs to sit down before he falls down.
  • site The construction crew is working on clearing the site for the new office building.
  • siva Siva means "the God of Destruction.
  • skit I have a funny skit for our talent show.
  • slit He carefully slit open the package with a pair of scissors.
  • slot The slot in the machine is open.
  • snit I know you're mad at me, but it was merely a31 snit.
  • snot I was caught in a total rainstorm and my nose was running so much, I felt like I was drooling snot
  • soave My grandmother used to make a delicious soave.
  • sod The groundskeeper laid fresh sod on the field before the game.
  • sofia Sofia is a beautiful girl.
  • soft The kitten's fur was so soft to the touch that you could barely feel it.
  • softy Don't be such a softy!
  • solid This dress is 100% solid black.
  • soot The chimney was filled with black soot after burning wood all winter.
  • sooty There was sooty residue on the stovetop.
  • sophist The teacher accused the student of trying to pass off sophist arguments as legitimate evidence.
  • sort My closet is in dire need of sorting.
  • SORTA I'm sorta hungry, but not enough to order a whole pizza.
  • sortie I'm going on a sortie tomorrow.
  • sot I have a sore throat, it's from the sot I drank at the party last night.
  • soviet In Russia, the Soviet Union was an empire.
  • soviets The Soviets were a major political and social movement in the Russian Revolution of 1917.
  • spit He couldn't stand the taste and had to spit it out.
  • spot There is a spot on my shirt.
  • SST The SST is expected to persist through the weekend.
  • ST The stone towers of St Ronan's Castle stand guard over the city.
  • Stevie She is a talented singer named Stevie.
  • stove She put the pot on the stove to start cooking dinner.
  • suavity The suavity of the dress contrasted sharply with her curves.
  • suit I will need a new suit to wear to the funeral.
  • suite My suite is much nicer than my old one.
  • swift The swift cheetah outran its prey in a matter of seconds.
  • swot I'm going to take a swot class to improve my grades.
  • xvi She walked over to the windows and opened them to let in the xvi degree morning air.
  • ZIT She had a nasty zit on her chin.

13 words made from the letters SOVIT

  • 3 letter words made from SOVIT:

    iso, sit, sot.
  • 4 letter words made from SOVIT:

    otis, ovis, stiv, toiv, tsvi, tvoi, viso, voit.
  • 5 letter words made from SOVIT:

    tivos, vitos.