What is the correct spelling for SPENY?

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Correct spellings for SPENY

  • aspen Tammy and Benjie trembled from top to toe, like aspen leaves, but fient a word could we make common sense of it all.
  • open "I shall simply say, 'Mr. Barradine, sir, I thank you for what you've done for me and for the kind and open way you done it.
  • pen Then came a cross-head-"Pen Portrait."
  • penn I said to him: "How is it with you, Penn ?"
  • penny I'll fight ye fur a penny !
  • peony A majority are perhaps intermediate, but the two extreme types may be found in any village or hamlet; and when seen side by side-the lily and the rose, not to say the peony -they offer a strange and beautiful contrast.
  • pony I want yer to pony up twenty-five dollars fer him.
  • puny Your puny brains would be stricken senseless by mere apprehension of them, They who are mighty and crafty and dreadful beyond anything on earth.
  • scene But just then Leo came on the scene .
  • seen They have seen it now.
  • sen Owing to poor health, Mr. Paine, sen .
  • sonny Are you going to sleep down there, sonny ?
  • spain A secret arrangement with Spain gave that country reversionary claims to certain parts of Morocco.
  • span You're young now, so terribly young, only twenty or so years old in a possible life-span of a hundred years.
  • spank He's cleaned up half a million and gone back home-'so afraid his mother would spank him for being out late o' nights without his nurse,'" and again Garry's laugh rang out with such force and earnestness that the glasses on Biffy's table chinked in response.
  • spawn Being a woman of few phrases, she repeated these as often as she had occasion for speech, and divided the world simply into two classes: two or three individuals, including herself, were human beings; the rest of mankind she denounced, in a voice which shook the walls, as spawn .
  • spay Is this a farm to you, Where for all woods I spay one tuft of rue, And that so rusty, and so small a thing, One shrill cicada hides it with a wing; Where one cucumber covers all the plain; And where one serpent rings himself in vain To enter wholly; and a single snail Eats all and exit fasting to the pool?
  • spear The warriors struck sword against sword, spear against spear .
  • spec We came away care fully nursing such impression as we had got of a spec tacle whose historical quality we did our poor best to feel.
  • speedy The older of them bowed, rubbed with his finger the one eye which he possessed, and said: Our camels are not so fat but are not less speedy than yours.
  • speer Gie my service back to my wife and bairns, And a' gude fellows that speer for me."
  • spend At the worst we might have to spend a night under the pandan bushes.
  • spent She has spent it in heaven.
  • sperry At Auckland Rear-Admiral Evans, who had spent forty-eight years in the navy, having reached the age limit of sixty-two years, was succeeded in command by Rear-Admiral Sperry .
  • spew After spending an hour in glancing over Sardini's works, I begged her to spew me her own.
  • spin My absence in America had broken a good many threads, and there was no opportunity to spin new ones.
  • spine Cold shivers began to run up my spine , and I turned to retreat to camp.
  • spinney He posted a small body of horsemen behind a spinney near the Austrian flank, with orders to sound their trumpets as if for a great cavalry charge.
  • spiny The spores are white, globose or nearly so in all species, and usually covered with minute spiny processes.
  • spongy Even their footsteps fell noiselessly upon the spongy turf.
  • spoon Willie held his full spoon in front of his mouth while he replied: "It's you that's the dacent maan, Jamie, 'deed it is."
  • spry I tell her ef I wuz ez young an' ez spry ez she be, I guess I'd hev things different, but, la!
  • spunk I envy him his spunk and go.
  • spunky I think you girls are a spunky pair.
  • spurn "It's astonishing," Phineas remarked sententiously, "how many people not only refuse to catch pleasure as it flies, but spurn it when it sits up and begs at them.
  • spy The scout and the spy are both employed to obtain information of the numbers, movements, etc., of an enemy. The scout lurks on the outskirts of the hostile army with such concealment as the case admits of, but without disguise; a spy enters in disguise within the enemy's lines. A scout, if captured, has the rights of a prisoner of war; a spy is held to have forfeited all rights, and is liable, in case of capture, to capital punishment. An emissary is rather political than military; sent rather to secretly influence opponents than to bring information concerning them; so far as he does the latter, he is not only an emissary, but a spy .
  • sunny It was warm and sunny , and the three others had gone out of doors after luncheon-for Dick Wantele, Athena was well aware of it, had fallen into the way of never leaving the other two alone together if he could possibly prevent it.
  • supine I simply know that one of these girls has in her possession the means of terminating life in an instant; that the girl so having it is not happy, and that if anything happens to-night it will be because we rested supine in the face of a very real and possible danger.
  • Sepoy Fort Emma stands on the opposite side of the river to the village, and is in charge of a sepoy and four Malays.
  • Sped Gray ice hummocks sped by us.
  • Spence I have not bought any from Mr. Spence this year.
  • Spun "Climb into the water wagon," ordered Tom, and he threw on the lever and spun out to Druid Hill Park.
  • Sven In the offices of Sven Zetterberg the Swedish head of the Sahara Division of the African Development Project of the Reunited Nations.
  • spans At eight o'clock in the morning our whips snapped, the spans of dog teams leaped forward, and we were off.
  • spins On April 21, 1908, I had reached a spot which I ascertained, with as scientific accuracy as possible, to be the top of the axis around which the world spins -the North Pole.
  • SONY Can ebook readers like Sony Reader and Kindle really compete with cellphones and smartphones?
  • PENA L'Imbassador no porta pena.
  • co-ached

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