What is the correct spelling for SPRUSE?

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Correct spellings for SPRUSE

  • am apposite
  • biowarfares
  • cock a doodle doo
  • coldshouldering
  • contracts for
  • cyprus People came to the opera-box where Charles Edward lay stretched, dozing or snoring, his bottle of Cyprus wine by his side, on his sofa.
  • de-escalations
  • gat angry
  • inter mediates
  • man or woman of learning
  • more daedalean
  • peruse I never peruse them without feeling proud that England has such a poet, and without finding a love for the pure and the noble increased in my mind.
  • prose Now don't you ever bother with art, music or artistic prose.
  • SPARES Moreover he is foolish who strives to slay the father and spares the son.
  • sparse It pointed at the sparse stars as if with warning finger.
  • SPIRES "I will guard the packet with my life," he said earnestly, "and if perchance you wake to-night from dreams of the unfortunate prince, whom your devotion will save from death, send one thought wandering far away across the rich fields of Normandy, for they will be behind me by that time, and I will sight the port of Le Havre long before its church spires are tipped with gold."
  • Spores A single smut ball of average size contains a sufficient number of spores to give one for each grain of wheat in five or six bushels.
  • spouse "Yes," said Mary gravely, "it is often so-but the love of the true spouse of Christ is different.
  • Spouses Legislation was passed to give divorced spouses of foreign service officers rights to share in pension benefits.
  • sprays The remarkable power of wind upon leaves is sometimes seen in May, when a strong gale, even from the west, will so beat and batter the tender horse-chestnut sprays that they bruise and blacken.
  • spree His only answer when he asked him if he knew anything about it was- "Well, the fellow had his spree, but he was a fool for all that."
  • sprees One or two swore off, and swore to keep straight; but she had no faith in them, and when they found that out, it hurt their feelings so much that they 'broke out' and went on record-breaking sprees.
  • spruce Rising on his hind legs against a big fir or spruce, he tears the bark with his claws as high as he can reach on either side.
  • Spruced "Hit's a right smart wonder I knowed ye a-tall, ye've done spruced up so," was the dubious compliment with which she favored him after a deliberate scrutiny.
  • sprucer There's not a man in Honey Fair as likes to go sprucer on a Sunday than Brumm.
  • spruces The soft arms of the ground spruces and the softer shadows beneath them seemed to open of their own accord to let him in.
  • spurs Mr. Dale he plunged without so much as tekking off of his getters and spurs."
  • surprise If you were to shoot me-well, that wouldn't surprise me the least.