What is the correct spelling for STAIC?

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Correct spellings for STAIC

  • sac The diaphragm, heart sac , and heart walls show numerous hemorrhagic points and larger bloody extravasations.
  • said Why, why, she said , not for me!
  • satanic Leave the real thing with me; and he picked it up and examined it with a gloating and almost satanic smile, as von Welten left the room.
  • satin He slipped the case into his wife's hand, and she took it and passed it under a fold of her satin dress.
  • sciatic She endured great suffering from inflammation of the sciatic nerve, and was entirely disabled from labor for months.
  • sic "Then I'll sic a dog onto him," Alec laughed.
  • stack On his return with this gallant prey, he passed a very large hay-stack.
  • stag But a stag is a stag whatever; and the evening is wearing on.
  • stage A round of applause followed her from the stage .
  • stagy It is true that, thanks to the ineptitude of his immediate antagonists, he recovers himself not ill by cleverly selecting the respectable Hermann and Dorothea, the stagy -romantic Childe Harold, the creature called "Jocelyn," and the shadowy or scrappy personages of the Excursion, to match against his four.
  • staid Time was when he was elderly and staid , With long sidewhiskers and an old-world air.
  • stain Beyond the shoes, a stain that had faded rose and became vivid on the carpet.
  • stair He limped across the room to the stair door, which was situated at one side of the living-room, and opened it.
  • stake Sue's life was the stake , and the odds were against him.
  • star She imagined a point distant as a low star upon the horizon of the dark.
  • stark Everywhere they lay half buried in the turmoil of earth, or stark above ground without any cover to hide them.
  • static The chief difference is that words of this latter sort do not denote processes, however brief, but static features of the world.
  • stay Should she stay or go?
  • steak He was a great promoter of public institutions, such as beef-steak societies and catch-clubs.
  • stick What kind of a stick are you, anyway?
  • sticky Whatever they want to sticky them up so for I can't imagine...."
  • stir One of my older brothers came home and cleared the entry, and we sat down to our stir -about and buttermilk.
  • stock One of Custer's stock .
  • stoic But there was also a positive influence at work to facilitate the use of the theistic argument by the Western Fathers in the prevalence at Rome of Stoic and Epicurean doctrine.
  • stuck Anyhow I am glad that that stuck -up Clara Adams did not get her.
  • tic I made acquaintance also with the Archbishop of Erlau, a poet and a man of taste and learning, but victim to the tic douloureux.
  • Stacy In the morning before I went on the water I was at Thames Street about some pitch, and there meeting Anthony Joyce, I took him and Mr. Stacy , the Tarr merchant, to the tavern, where Stacy told me many old stories of my Lady Batten's former poor condition, and how her former husband broke, and how she came to her state.
  • Stacie
  • Staci
  • STA Illustrissima Serenita sta finita, et puede andar en casa."
  • stagier The host asked again, in a stagier whisper, and made signs with his head toward the other room.
  • stoics The idealism and the pessimism of the earlier Stoics were alike fatal to any effort of moral reform.

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