What is the correct spelling for STEAKES?

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Correct spellings for STEAKES

  • stacks There were no trees at all, but lying scattered upon the ground were heaps and stacks of the most curious things.
  • stake There was no time for words,-the stake was a human life.
  • stakes They did look so funny, though, pulling up the stakes , while Tom and the rest were making all kinds of remarks."
  • starkers
  • steak 5. Beef juice: Take one pound of steak from the top of the round.
  • stocks The prison was a bell-tent containing two sets of stocks .
  • Staked The Royal Irish Fusiliers attacked it by direct assault, knowing that everything was staked on their success.
  • Staves Accordingly, he dug him up and pulled him forth of the grave; after which he betook himself to a garden hard by the burial-ground and cut thence staves and palmfronds.
  • Strikes It strikes me those two have very much in common, and that is why Miss Tredgold has taken such a fancy to your sister."
  • Strokes Without an instant's hesitation, Frank leaped into the water and began striking out with powerful strokes for the sinking girl.
  • takes 3807. I suppose the settlement with your men in Lerwick takes place in the office and not in the shop?
  • steals The breath of the roses outside steals in through the closed blinds, sweet and oppressive.
  • sticks Seated on the ground were a number of figures rattling sticks together.
  • teaks
  • states "Go back to your United States as soon as you can, Nona," she urged.
  • snakes Winding paths led up to it, and along one of these we followed a native, who swung a lamp near the ground in case of snakes .
  • stages Different stages of development; for details see text.
  • storks Money-changers raised the pent-houses of their shops at the cross ways, storks took to flight, white sails fluttered.
  • slakes Love never "slakes its thirst" with the blood of a woman.
  • stags Stags and wild boars are very numerous in these forests; and they formed the principal portion of our meals, at which, at the commencement of our expedition, we had as many as thirty individuals; who, in the intervals between them, affected to search for snails and insects for me, but with success not proportionate to their zeal.
  • speakers Confirmation of some of the statements contained in the life is obtained from later writers and speakers , and also from the prologues to the different plays, which throw light on the literary and personal relations of the poet.
  • speaks So he comes up, and Rosalind speaks to the nurse in the other room, who comes; and then they turn seriously to getting the boy's story.
  • stares "If he is not mad in the sense which you have defined, the answer stares us in the face.
  • sneaks As a rule he is exceedingly cunning, committing his depredations at a distance frown home, and after getting his fill of slaughter he sneaks home in the early hours to spend the day in his kennel "licking his guilty paws."
  • streaks Here streaks of red, here a tawny hue.
  • steams Saffron silks flutter their fringes in the steams of nameless cookery-for all this is but the kitchen, and the beginning of the end we aim at.
  • stokers From admiral and commodore and captain in the conning-towers to officers and men in barbettes and casemates, and the sweating stokers and engineers in their steel prisons-which might well become their tombs-every man risked and gave his life as cheerfully as the most reckless commander or seaman on the torpedo flotillas.
  • retakes This he could do either in rehearsal or in retakes after the scene had actually been photographed.
  • sneakers When he combed in his net of sneakers to check the tapes and films, lo and behold, he had a little stranger.
  • stickers So I wanders about amongst the furniture, that's set around almost as thick as in a showroom,-heavy, fancy pieces, most likely ones that had been sent up from the store as stickers .
  • stales
  • steadies Her hand grips my arm, and she steadies my faltering step.
  • steaks Making home brew and cooking steaks Wear your old clothes and drive those old country roads Live your mistakes and make up your own breaks – Curly And Lil' by Jerry Jeff Walker
  • Stokes As Dr. Stokes very well says: "In this large and truly liberal education, which embraced the training of the school, the university and the world, we can discover in part the foundations of his subsequent eminence.
  • coadjuvancies
  • debitside
  • deglutitions
  • deifications
  • descriptioning
  • deselects
  • desertednesses
  • deservings
  • illuse
  • in-grains
  • inter-lope
  • biowars
  • trussings

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