What is the correct spelling for STEPH?

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Correct spellings for STEPH

  • staff An old man with a long, white beard, holding in his hand a staff longer than himself.
  • staph
  • stash Or did she stash it in her desk at CitiSpace?
  • stave Then he went to Fielding, humming a certain stave from one of Watts's hymns.
  • stead Also his eyes lacked a twinkle; in its stead was a look which showed that Mr. Ebling was the most important object to be considered.
  • steak The broiler grids are often so placed that the steak is an inch and a half away from the flame instead of one-half inch.
  • steal You don't get enough excitement buying cattle; you want to steal 'em.
  • steam Then stretch your string along the course you desire to steam .
  • steed Then Dick set about catching one of the horses; and as he rode the sorry-looking steed up to the wagon, his mother gave him such articles from her scanty store as the wounded man might need.
  • steel He took out his pipe, steel and flint, filled his pipe and talked as he filled.
  • steep High is used of simple elevation; steep is said only of an incline where the vertical measurement is sufficiently great in proportion to the horizontal to make it difficult of ascent. Steep is relative; an ascent of 100 feet to the mile on a railway is a steep grade; a rise of 500 feet to the mile makes a steep wagon-road; a roof is steep when it makes with the horizontal line an angle of more than 45
  • steer What's the matter with camping right where we are until we eat the steer ?
  • stein She glanced about uneasily; but the restaurant was deserted, except for a fat German in a far corner, languidly dipping his heavy mustache into a foaming stein of beer.
  • stem He tore it from its chain, turned the stem of it twice around.
  • step Step over here, me girl.
  • stephen They were all nice to him even when Stephen wasn't there, but there were other reasons, besides the people, that drew Peter to the place.
  • steppe Thus, of each of the following pairs of birds the first-named is migratory and the other non-migratory: the steppe -eagle and the tawny eagle, the large Indian and the common kite, the long-legged and the white-eyed buzzard, the sparrow-hawk and the shikra, the peregrine and the lugger falcon, the common and the red-headed merlin, the kestrel and the black-winged kite.
  • steps It is by such steps that the Old Testament prepared Israel for the Incarnation.
  • stern You will never be hard and stern with her?
  • stet
  • stew Lard a fine large rabbit, and put it into a stew -pan with a slice or two of cold ham, a bunch of sweet-herbs, a table-spoonful of sweet oil, and a gill of white wine.
  • stiff So don't be such a stiff Mmm, just take a sniff – In Pursuit of Excellence by Unknown Author
  • stop And they're never gonna stop Till they reach the top – All Across The Nation by Gary Numan
  • stove It's not that I'm greatly afraid of fire, But I never heard of a house that throve (And I know of one that didn't thrive) Where the chimney started above the stove. – Kitchen Chimney, The by Robert Lee Frost
  • stuff When they talk'd of their Raphaels, Corregios and stuff, He shifted his trumpet, and only took snuff. – Retaliation: A Poem by Oliver Goldsmith
  • sylph It was exactly the shape in which he had designed his invention, and was of some extra light material, for the sylph -like girl in the extraordinary dress pushed it forth without even ceasing her song.
  • Steve Just call me Steve And where will it come out when I give birth Should I sell my story, how much is it worth You won't belive, you just wouldn't believe – Having A Baby by barenaked ladies
  • Steno
  • Stephan
  • Stevie Got back stage and I bumped into Stevie He said, "No matter what, the people gon' see me" – The People by common
  • stews
  • STE For a brief time after the boys departed from Sault Ste .
  • hastenings
  • pay-per-views

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