What is the correct spelling for STEVN?

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Correct spellings for STEVN

  • sateen And as if the ticking were against her brain like drops of water, she rose to a half-sitting posture, reached for the small onyx clock on the mantelpiece and smothered it beneath one of the red sateen sofa-pillows.
  • seton Wallace and Seton , to carry a supply of goods to the gentlemen wintering in the interior, as well as to inform them of the arrangements concluded with Mr. Hunt, and to enjoin them to send down all their furs, and all the Sandwich-Islanders, that the former might be shipped for America, and the latter sent back to their country.
  • seven "I prepared for seven ," Mis' Holcomb said.
  • stain There is a stain upon my conscience, M'sieu."
  • stave The startled look which he surprised on the stern face of the prisoner, showed him there was every thing to fear in her reply, and bounding again to his feet, he was about to make some further attempt to stave off the impending calamity, when the rich voice of Imogene was heard saying: "Gentlemen, if you will allow me to tell my story unhindered, I think I shall soonest satisfy both the District Attorney and the counsel for the prisoner."
  • stein For heaven's sake, Stein , what are you about?
  • stephen At once Peter saw that the little man was very clever, cleverer than Stephen .
  • stern She thought he looked stern .
  • sterne "That," she said, more or less after Sterne , "is a cotton-wool story."
  • stevens Then Dick's mother kissed him again, not leaving him until he had stretched out at full length under the wagon; and so tired was the boy that Mrs. Stevens had hardly got back to take up her duties as nurse when his loud breathing told that he was asleep.
  • stove If the stove had spoken they could not have been more astonished.
  • strewn They came in single file, in a long procession through a wood-the Bois de Bouvigny-where once, two years ago, young Frenchmen fought with heroic fury and died in thousands to gain this ground, so that even now all this hill is strewn with their relics.
  • stun At first it stun ned him-and it is a compliment to any woman to stun Tom Pollard.
  • Staving We boarded her by way of the lee channels, fore, main, and mizzen simultaneously; and that, let me tell you, was the most difficult part of our work, for the ship rolled so heavily that it was with the utmost difficulty we avoided staving or swamping the boats.
  • Steve I want you to wait here with Steve till Davey comes back."
  • Steven The keys of the enclosure were in the Earl's own coffer, and the trees being too old for valuable fruit, the gardeners never went there, except once a year after the falling of the leaves, "to tidy up a bit, because one never knows what may happen," as old Steven the head gardener said.
  • Stefan "I don't want him," said the lad, "I want his servant, Stefan ."
  • Sven But Sven Sven sson was speaking.
  • Stan She looks like-it is, Stan , it is!"
  • Steno "When you wish," replied Countess Steno , and to her daughter, who entered, she said: "You know the carriage is to come at ten minutes to eleven, and it is now the quarter.
  • Stephan Not until the hour of parting did Stephan learn from her lips what to him was no secret.
  • Stevie “There’s the body of that fellow and his car between our sort and them-and no getting over it, Stevie . ya start to wonder, I know your name is Stevie dont think about it fool, cuz you know you can't see me – Flow On by Warren G
  • de-mystification

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