What is the correct spelling for STILLA?

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Correct spellings for STILLA

  • cedilla 21. What is the use of the Cedilla ?
  • scylla Having escaped the Scylla of the dancing women, Charybdis waited for him in the shape of eyes that were pools of hot mystery.
  • sidle Pink glanced up at her, and began to sidle off, abashed.
  • sill In the morning on the window-sill he saw a green feather lying; but as he opened the window a puff of wind lifted it, and carried it high up into the air and out of sight.
  • silly You think me very silly ?
  • skill It does not require so much strength as skill and patience.
  • spill "Now, don't spill it.
  • stael The report soon spread that the work was conceived and executed by Madame de Stael .
  • stale Stale biscuits, bacon, and beans were all the food the two men would have until they sent for Pete's wagon.
  • stall But you should use as much judgment with yourself as you would with a horse, which you do not permit to drink a lot of cold water when he is heated up, and is going into his stall to stand still.
  • stalls They would be blessed with farms and gardens, barns and stalls , hay and grain, horses and cattle, wheat and barley, pigs and clover.
  • steal You wouldn't steal a pocket-book.
  • steel The boches can't face cold steel ....
  • stella "I put in a good word for the child," Stella says, with a laugh, to the captain, who with his friend Rohritz happens to be in Freddy's school-room, "but mamma insists that it is of no consequence; if it does not please him now, it will be very useful to him in future.
  • stellar 122, 1,000,000 times the earth's distance from the sun, is a convenient unit in which to express the stellar distances, and in the preceding table the distances of the stars from the sun are expressed in terms of this unit.
  • stifle The palm of the hand is pressed strongly inward, about 8 inches in front of the stifle and a little below, several times in succession, and is then brought to rest with the pressure maintained.
  • stile Louie sat on the stile .
  • still Still he did not answer.
  • stilt They were clad in blue shirts and jean, and the hard brown hands of most betokened a close acquaintance with plough stilt , axe, and bridle, though here and there one had from his appearance evidently lived delicately.
  • stole Somebody's stole every last one o' the flowers off'n Sum's grave.
  • stool Dale had jumped off his stool ; and he ran out to the road and begged the old man to come in.
  • style That seems more your style .
  • sulla See the Life of Sulla , c.
  • swill But it is a pitiful sight to see unfortunate men who might do better work, condemned to filling the trough with insipid and unsavoury swill collected from the refuse-pails of the town.
  • till And then they might have gone on till now.
  • Stilled He tells me, to- day, that the emotion I raised in his soul that hour has not been stilled for a moment."
  • Stiller Margaret's voice had the habit of growing lower and stiller as passion touched her heart.
  • Stiles Chloe walked with them, but her face was disdainful; at the stiles she gave her hand to Mr. Beamish; she did not address a word to Mr. Camwell, and he knew the reason.
  • Estella Estella always remembered that moment afterwards.
  • stills His prayer places his heart and mind in the receptive attitude, and this stills the lower nature, and thus allows the strength and illuminative power of the higher to stream into it unchecked.
  • STOL
  • deflations
  • herculeses
  • illuminato
  • inter-meddles

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