What is the correct spelling for STIMGA?

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Correct spellings for STIMGA

  • sitcom
  • smirk There was an elated smirk on his face, and The Phantom turned away in disgust.
  • smog Up this high you could see above the smog .
  • smug He had not known that he was capable of emotions so far removed from a smug commonplace.
  • stag By the way, Miss Cunyngham, did Lord Fareborough ever get a stag ?"
  • stage He had sense enough, at that late stage of the game, to keep my name out of it, if he ever knew it.
  • stagy Maskelyne and Devant are satisfied with a stage-setting which is frankly only a stage-setting-as stagy , in fact, as the ordinary scenery to be seen in a variety-show.
  • stamen I saw epitomized in petal and stamen , all the poetry of the world's dead dreams.
  • stamina "Don't have that kind of stamina ," said Burlingame.
  • stamp G. B. Stiles brought his feet to the floor with a stamp of surprise and turned to look full in the young man's face.
  • steak In the grill room of the Otooska House-a lonesome spot, thronged only at night-we had a steak , with which Knowlton drank a glass of milk.
  • steam Somebody says 'A' be coming,' and the young farmer walks out to watch the white steam now just visible far away over the trees.
  • steamy This idea suggested the loathsome monsters that she knew would haunt the hot, steamy jungle close to the river side; and with starting eyes, when some low rustle was heard amongst the leaves, she tried to pierce the darkness, believing over and over again that she saw some lithe, undulating reptile gradually approaching her; and at such times it required all her strength of mind to determine that it was but a mere fancy, and as unreal as the images of fierce creatures that she more than once believed that she saw coming out of the jungle.
  • stem This will cause them and the main stem as well to "break," i.
  • stick After this, he had the walking-stick given him to carry, an office of which he seemed very proud.
  • sticky He could only, in his excitement, think of marmalade and that was a sticky comparison.
  • stigma When he was preparing to put me into an Insane Asylum, I asked him why he was so very anxious to put the stigma of insanity upon me, when he knew I was not insane?
  • stink The idea is that you've got to stop the British Embassy from raising a stink about Fielding for at least a week.
  • stinky The boy who had been known as "Stinky" in their days at Annapolis was boss of a battle wagon.
  • stodge And whenever a Glug in that peaceful land, Did anything no one could understand, The Knight, Sir Stodge , he looked in a book, And charged that Glug with a crime called Crook.
  • stodgy One was that it was perfectly impossible to be stiff and stodgy over it, and not laugh out.
  • stoic Moreover, the strong Stoic influence which is seen in their works, particularly in their treatment of questions of morals, and in their ethical terminology, would naturally, one would think, pre-dispose them to regard with favor this argument, so in vogue among the philosophers of the Porch.
  • stomach And according to his habit, he stroked his stomach .
  • stomp I hate that widder; I want to stomp her down under my feet.
  • stooge I got wind of it through a hot tip from a stooge in New York.
  • storage Most of the collection, however, was in storage .
  • storm "It cannot storm too terribly for us, as you just now said," I replied.
  • stormy One stormy night he met Gerani on his way home.
  • stowage He no longer saw the cold northern sea under its great blue cloud-curtain that had shrouded the coming day; nor the line of fishing-smacks, beached high and dry, and their owners' dwellings near at hand, a little town of tar and timber in behind the stowage -huts of nets and tackle, nor the white escarpment of the cliffs beyond, that the sea had worked so many centuries to plunder from the rounded pastures of the sheep above.
  • stump I think you are correct about its being the stump of a mast, Dick.
  • stumpy Then, before the young lady could realize it, one of the stumpy arms had stolen round her waist.
  • stung In short, you were stung .
  • stymie He may dodge a stymie or circumvent an inconvenient piece of the green over which, without the cut, the ball would have to travel.
  • sumac Crouched behind some sumac bushes still bearing aloft their crimson torches, the girls looked on in wonderment, themselves unseen.
  • Stimuli On the one side there is the environment, made up-so far as civilized humanity is concerned-of the ideas, the beliefs, the customs, and the stored up knowledge of preceding generations, and on the other side we have an organism which in virtue of its education responds to the environmental stimuli in a given manner.
  • Tamika
  • Tameka
  • stems I was silent, and presently, after swallowing a few more berries, he resumed in the same tone: "Very fine, very beautiful all this"-waving his hand to indicate the hedge, its rich tangle of purple-red stems and coloured leaves, and scarlet fruit and silvery oldman's-beard.
  • stymies Upon the very difficult and annoying question of stymies there are few hints that I can offer which will not suggest themselves to the player of a very little experience.
  • stogie "That's something, if it ain't everything," snorted the old man as, withdrawing his hand, he found and lighted a long stogie .
  • stymied The military machines, equally capable of complete destruction of the other, have been stymied Finally it's boiled down to an attempt to influence the neutrals, India, Africa, South America, to attempt to bring them into one camp or the other.
  • inter-crossed

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