What is the correct spelling for STOMEC?

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Correct spellings for STOMEC

  • atomic In the case of the simpler kind of propositions, namely those that I call "atomic" propositions, where there is only one word expressing a relation, the objective which would verify our proposition, assuming that the word "not" is absent, is obtained by replacing each word by what it means, the word meaning a relation being replaced by this relation among the meanings of the other words.
  • potomac The Kernel expects before long to be a Ginneral, and then to be called to the command of the Army of the Potomac !
  • smoke We'll smoke together, then we'll sleep well enough.
  • smoker As she waited for a trainman to help her on, she caught bits of the conversation between two men who stood on the rear platform of the smoker .
  • stage With "I'll tell you the rest later," Constance turned eager eyes toward the stage .
  • stake Oh, well, you needn’t stake your life on that.
  • stamen The upright or depressed stamen does not always indicate the condition of the pollen, since there are many instances in which upright stamen s bear impotent pollen and occasionally the depressed stamen s bear perfect pollen.
  • stammer And it's so ridiculous the way, when one of them stops to stammer , the other finishes the remark, or goes on with it till the first one is ready again.
  • stamp It remained, to stamp upon the human conscience a deep sense of responsibility.
  • stamper Spike half dragged his fearful charge across the floor, not too subtly shouldered a way between Bill Bardin and Terry Stamper , bowed gracefully to the strange beauty, and said, "Hello, sister!
  • steamed It was well toward the latter part of June in 1881, on one of the brightest of summer mornings, that our steamer, belonging to the regular daily line to Toronto, steamed slowly out from the harbor of Oswego.
  • steamer It is a steamer in pursuit.
  • stem Was Van de Vliet's stem cell procedure on her heart really worth the risk?
  • stemmed The German gentleman, stemmed in his speech, used the interval while Ingeborg opened the window in buttoning up his overcoat again with care and patience and readjusting his muffler.
  • stock Like all men of his class, he makes more of a small stock in trade than we with our heads full can ever pretend to.
  • stocky As he drew nearer and the pale moonlight fell on him, she saw he was stocky and coarse-featured, and she guessed he was one of the sentinels that were always stationed about the place.
  • stodge Grandpapa and Aunt Phrasie wanted her to pin me down into the native stodge ; and Lucius, like a true man, went in for subjection: so there was nothing for it but to put my foot down.
  • stodgy "Words," he said, stodgy in his bitterness, "mean nothing against seventeen years."
  • stoic But in the character of Clermont there mingle other elements than those derived from either the historical figure of D'Auvergne, or the ideal man of Stoic speculation.
  • stoke If only I'd got all the money that have gone out of my pocket that way, I shouldn't need to stoke for a living now.
  • stoker I’d be the stoker , to see that it was kept in the furnace.
  • stomach Here Nur el-Tadhil patted his stomach , and said: "In the service of the prophet I have a higher rank, more money, and a greater authority, but I had a fuller stomach in the Khedive's service."
  • stomp Stomp some, why don't you, an' buy that store?
  • stooge The papers said that the steel necktie worn by my stooge at the theatre had to be cut off by a water-cooled electric saw.
  • stork After the banquet they were entertained with music and a comedy, in which the actors wore masks representing the faces of animals: among these a child, enclosed in the body of an artificial stork , amused them by performing a variety of curious antics.
  • storm And this horrible storm !
  • stormy But we were separated from it by impossible open water-a hopeless stormy deep.
  • stump A vessel might have gone ashore there, and show the stump of a mast above water.
  • stymie What I mean is, Maud loves you, and all that, and all you've got to think out is a scheme for laying the jolly old family a stymie .
  • sumac Pocahontas led the way through wild rose bushes and sumac , with here and there an occasional tall pine tree, its lowest branches high above their heads.
  • Stormed Carlyle, on the other hand, saw the immense evil of the social conditions in England, and raged and stormed against them, but could see no light by which evil could be turned into good.
  • Smokey Now, since the sun and the air were darkened by this smoke, yea, and so darkened as that the sun, nor moon, nor stars, nor day, nor night, could shine for a third part of them; no marvel though the true worshippers here were benighted, or, at least, had but little light to walk by; yea, I have known some that have been born and bred up in smokey holes, that have been made, both in smell and sight, to carry the tokens of their so being bred about them.
  • storms He did not cease, however, to take care of Nell and awoke in her such unbounded confidence that when Clary asked her whether she did not fear the storms on the Red Sea, the little maid raised her beautiful, calm eyes and only answered, "Stas will know what to do."
  • stems For under the stems , surely, there was something that sobbed; and suddenly the light of the lantern took hold of a beautiful small figure, about three feet high, dressed in old rose and green, that went languidly from flower to flower.
  • stormier By which I mean the boat could not have plyed in such a wind; she must have run, and by running have carried me into the stormier regions of the south, where, even if she had lived, I must speedily have starved for victuals and perished of cold.
  • stymies Men who had but lately scoffed at the little white ball now talked of stymies and lies and devits as if they had known them all their lives.
  • stogie Dr. Ed, who had only stopped to bite off the end of a stogie to hold in his cheek, picked up his book in a hurry, and eyed the invalid over it.
  • stymied Like Klarnood, stymied by verbal objections to something labeled 'political intervention.
  • stroke Stroke, same depth; cover the blades, but not above the blue.
  • inter-courses
  • inter-crossed

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