What is the correct spelling for STORN?

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Correct spellings for STORN

  • astern After another spell of energetic rowing, I looked astern , expecting to see that tree at least a mile behind.
  • satin "If you're offering me a choice," I said, "I'd a great deal rather drag Miss Battersby over to the Archdeacon's house and dump her down there in a wedding ring with a white satin dress tied round her neck by a ribbon.
  • saturn You don't want me to choose watching the earth go round, or going to Saturn , or taking the long jump, but you do want me to choose all three."
  • scorn The sisters were surprised to see that she had the food there, but they laughed her to scorn when she told them of her husband.
  • seton The general opinion is that he was a Scotsman named Seton , and that by a fate very common to alchymists who boasted too loudly of their powers of transmutation, he ended his days miserably in a dungeon, into which he was thrown by a German potentate until he made a million of gold to pay his ransom.
  • snort The Lord Proprietor accepted this with a snort , for he could not help being aware of its truth.
  • son Shijiro Arisuga lives, and the father in the son will live on the brass forever.
  • soon Not going so soon ?
  • sort He wasn't just the sort that you got next to in a hurry.
  • sown It was Virginia as I recalled it in those old days of peace and plenty, before civil strife had sown the land with dead.
  • stain Thorn began to eat, as calmly as if there was not a stain on his crippled soul.
  • star Do you want Star to go in?
  • stein In Scotland as late as the year A.D. 1438 "John off Erwyne and Will Bernardson swor on the Hirdmane Stein before oure Lorde ye Erie off Orknay and the gentiless off the cuntre."
  • stern He also sounded stern ; and in a flash she grasped her position.
  • sterne Mr. Sterne wrote the following reply:- "July 27th, 1766. "There is a strange coincidence, Sancho, in the little events of this world, as well as the great ones.
  • sting
  • stir
  • stolen
  • stolon
  • stone
  • stony
  • store
  • stork
  • storm
  • story
  • stow
  • stun
  • styron
  • sworn
  • tarn
  • tern
  • ton
  • torn
  • town
  • turn
  • Aston Mr. Aston , following, noted it all, and first smiled and then sighed a little.
  • Sterner His voice took on a sterner tone.
  • Storing
  • Sutton
  • Stan "I give 'em thirty seconds," Stan remarked....
  • Steno The level of the ocean was then depressed by the entrance of a part of its waters into subterranean caverns, and thus some land was left dry. Buffon seems not to have profited, like Leibnitz and Moro, by the observations of Steno , or he could not have imagined that the strata were generally horizontal, and that those which contain organic remains had never been disturbed since the era of their formation.
  • Stine
  • sterns Still pouring volley upon volley from his bow fire into their sterns , he hung upon them, and, when they found they could not enter St. Malo, followed them to Cherbourg.

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