What is the correct spelling for STOUF?

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Correct spellings for STOUF

  • scoff It was always the Dutch Doctor Gansvoort she had before," said Mrs. Moran; "and she was ever ready to scoff at all others, as pretenders.
  • spoof The amount of electioneering capital which could be made out of an act of heroism of that kind-why, it would catch the popular imagination more than if I jumped into a mill race to save Vittie from a runaway horse, and everybody knows that if you can bring off a spoof of that sort an election is as good as won."
  • staff Now and then she stopped and waved the long staff she carried in her hand.
  • staph
  • stave It is very possible that they only mounted to this exalted stave in the ladder of learning for the astonishment of a visitor, and that at other times they keep upon its lower rounds; but I should have been much better pleased and satisfied if I had heard them exercised in simpler lessons, which they understood.
  • stiff It's bound to be stiff after the long journey, but we'll soon fix it up for you.
  • stoat It's quite likely it was aware of something outside to which it had an objection, a stoat perhaps or even a badger.
  • stock 10,653. Do you think that even in a bad year their stock might carry them through?
  • stoic Hence it is that the tones of Lucretius might in many places be mistaken for those of a Stoic rather than an Epicurean.
  • stoke "Stoke her up, then, and drive full speed ahead.
  • stole Peter stole into the house.
  • stone "Stone, I'm going down to my office, to take care of some things and think about this.
  • stony Mavis noticed his stony glance at Auntie, when the crowd began to move again.
  • stool She gave him the kiss of one accustomed to kiss him from childhood, and sat down again on the fender-stool.
  • stoop She was seen to do this-no matter by whom,-during your passage from the carriage to the stoop .
  • stop Father try to stop you?
  • store Lebidden is the name of the place where the store is.
  • stork "You may both drink as much as you wish," replied the Stork , in a kindly voice.
  • storm "Let's walk out there-watch the storm come across the hills.
  • story Could he have got the story right?
  • stoup He had found it in the holy water stoup by the Puerta del Alegria.
  • stout They could only see that he was a big man and stout .
  • stove "I'd love bein' 'round there," she said, "over the stove , or that way.
  • stow "It looks ridiculous, particularly since I'd like to edge her farther off the beach, but I think we'll stow the mainsail and fore-staysail," Wyndham remarked.
  • stowe Calvin E. Stowe , a member of the faculty.
  • stub "In a hollow birch-stub," replied Tommy, his eyes twinkling more than ever.
  • stud Her hand passed over a glowing stud and the room light dimmed to a quiet glow.
  • stuff I read the stuff you gave me and I still don't know the first thing about him."
  • stuffy Lots of Mrs. Trevor's rotten old stuffy furniture would have to go.
  • stun Now 'twixt them and the gate was a fierce stream which was broad and deep; it had no bridge, and the mere sight of it did so stun Christian and Hopeful that they could not move.
  • toff Bill Shatoff, Volodarsky, Martoff, Kornuk and others who have been leaders in the Bolshevist army were all old members of the I. W. W. In brief, then, were we in Russia, all I. W. W.'s would be Bolsheviki.
  • tofu
  • Steve Only Steve would know that.
  • Stood I stood up and looked along the road.
  • Stu
  • stows The rebuffed male resumes his post as a watcher in the sun; and the housewife stows her provisions.
  • STOL

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