What is the correct spelling for STRUGGE?

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Correct spellings for STRUGGE

  • drudge
  • stage He lands us on a grassy stage; Safe from the Storms, and Prelat's rage. – Bermudas by Andrew Marvell
  • stagger The emotions which had awakened in him within the week were complex enough to stagger a more intelligent man.
  • steerage
  • stodge Of course it was trying, but you simply had to follow his lead, and if you could prove to him that you were getting loose for your tree he let you stodge .
  • stooge And see how he managed to slide in that bit about corruption, right before his stooge handed him that bulletin?
  • storage
  • straggle
  • straggler He referred to a hill as famous as wickedness, and known in every house because of its open doors to welcome back some straggler from the noisy crowd travelling down the famous hill; but he thought that should a woman like Annie Benton consent to undertake the journey with him, he would change his course, and travel the other way, in spite of everything.
  • straggly
  • strange This world is not for aye, nor 'tis not strange That even our loves should with our fortunes change; – Hamlet: Act III, scene II by Unknown Author
  • stranger And to the law I'm no stranger I'm wanted dead or alive cuz I shot the Lone Ranger – Desperate-Rado by Kid Rock
  • strike but now even if you could eat your own words you'd start a hunger strike kick sand up in my face like i'm a wheel guard on your dirt bike – Open Season by headstrong
  • striker Alan knows on striker. A small dicked ugly biker. – Baby Got Front by Jackie Beat
  • strong And I'll be strong Love you just the way I've loved you all along – Once Before I Go by Unknown Author
  • struck Where were you when midnight struck? Where were you when midnight hit? Am I just a fool with such bad luck? Where were you when midnight struck? – Midnight Struck by Bang Tango
  • struggle Lace your boots man, prepare for the struggle Stay in them trenches, hella dirty, grit and hustle – Constantly Dirty by tech n9ne
  • strum And in the evening when i come You'll hear the silence of my strum – Exactly Where We're From by Mirah
  • strung My warbling lute, the lute I whilom strung When to King John of Portugal I sung, – Mac Flecknoe by John Dryden
  • strut I like the way you strut Shaking that big ole donkey butt – Let Me Ride That Donkey by 69 Boyz
  • stung Heark how the Mower Damon Sung, With love of Juliana stung! – Damon The Mower by Andrew Marvell
  • triage
  • trigger Your finger's on the trigger wishing you were bigger – Even Superman Shot Himself by Powerman 5000
  • trudge A long road, through a rough country, and disappearing in misty distance; travellers coming into it from by-ways, some of whom disappear, while others trudge wearily along.
  • Trug
  • Striae
  • stogie And when it comes to get another stogie, Fools all kick in like Shinobi – I Got Five On It by luniz
  • druggy Drug drug druggy Got a feeling sweet like honey – Drug Drug Druggy by manic street preachers
  • stronger Oh Lord, Lord, Lord, make me stronger! Feel his love, feel his power, Move a mountain, change the world! For I can't be weak too much longer, – Make Me Stronger by Unknown Author
  • druggie
  • stroke Fate could not either reach with single stroke, But the dear Image fled the Mirrour broke. – A Poem Upon The Death Of O.C. by Andrew Marvell

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