What is the correct spelling for STUDE?

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Correct spellings for STUDE

  • astute Acute, from the Latin, suggests the sharpness of the needle's point; keen, from the Saxon, the sharpness of the cutting edge. Astute , from the Latin, with the original sense of cunning has come to have a meaning that combines the sense of acute or keen with that of sagacious. The astute mind adds to acuteness and keenness an element of cunning or finesse. The astute debater leads his opponents into a snare by getting them to make admissions, or urge arguments, of which he sees a result that they do not perceive. The acute, keen intellect may take no special advantage of these qualities; the astute mind has always a point to make for itself, and seldom fails to make it. A knowing look, air, etc., in general indicates practical knowledge with a touch of shrewdness, and perhaps of cunning; in regard to some special matter, it indicates the possession of reserved knowledge which the person could impart if he chose. Knowing has often a slightly invidious sense. We speak of a knowing rascal, meaning cunning or shrewd within a narrow range, but of a knowing horse or dog, in the sense of sagacious, implying that he knows more than could be expected of such an animal. A knowing child has more knowledge than would be looked for at his years, perhaps more than is quite desirable, while to speak of a child as intelligent is altogether complimentary.
  • dude In every large city there are thousands of dude employes, the kind who wear high collars, the kind who spend all their salary for clothes.
  • etude In response to a questionnaire sent to American readers recently by "The Etude ," a musical magazine, 7,500 out of nearly 32,000 persons who replied named "Abide with me" as their favorite hymn.
  • sade We came to a long, narrow street entirely devoted to those dungeon-like chambers with barred windows whose occupants represent all the classified races of the East and all the unclassified sins of the Marquis de Sade .
  • sated I need not say my vengeance was sated at once; he had lost his daughter, and Waller was on the road to be married.
  • side He turned over on his side .
  • situate Once now and then, looking at this range of hills from a distance of two or three miles on moonless nights, when it has been sufficiently clear to distinguish them, I have noticed that the particular down on which the earthwork is situate shows more distinctly than the others.
  • staid Madame, wee staid too long, your servant's slaine.
  • state Think of the state Maule's in!
  • statue The history of the statue is somewhat curious.
  • stead To-night instinct, the wise instinct which always stood her in good stead in all her dealings with men, warned her against seeking him out.
  • steed The slow action of our steed made me think we were getting only slowly over the ground, but I noticed the men behind had pretty hard walking to keep up with us.
  • stet The Crown retired from the suit with a stet processus, and Mr. Bradlaugh was left with the laurels-and his costs.
  • stout They usually formed part of the group about the tall girl and her dark companion, and there was also a very short, stout girl who puffed along anxiously in the rear of the group as though never quite able to catch up.
  • stride Now, such abuses are no longer in existence; and if we have made no other stride in progress, even that is considerable.
  • stud Yer Uncle Justus, he stud up on the two fate of him, an' says he, 'Yer not to punish her, Elizabeth.
  • studded The comprehensive view from this elevation is unique, studded with azure domes decked with stars of silver and gilded minarets.
  • studied The stream was not so deep but that the bottom could be studied .
  • studio At last she sent him up to the studio to tell her husband, and she went in and finished Betty's task, putting the bread-alas!
  • study With a little study any boy can make such a box.
  • sturdy I'd love to see him strong and sturdy like other children.
  • stutter A feeling like awe stole upon him and he whispered,-without a stutter ,-"S'pose he should lose it!"
  • suede His wife, whom he had met at a church social and wooed in the front of the embroidery and fancy-goods store, fitted him like the proverbial glove-a suede one.
  • tide Its chief function was to tide over the elections of 1885, for a new Chamber of Deputies.
  • Sided But then-he might have resented the Elder's attitude and sided with his cousin.
  • Sited "Folks said I was a fool when I come over here an' town-sited," he jeered.
  • Slued The bullocks went off into the long hissing snorts that Indian cattle give, and pushed and crowded and slued and stamped and slipped and nearly fell down in the mud, grunting savagely.
  • Stood He went and stood by the fireplace, and then stared up at Outram's portrait.
  • Strode Yet when his belongings had all been deposited in the boat, and the men were waiting to "chair" him out, he turned on his heel, and strode back to the cottage.
  • Studies He might get the idea I wasn't taking my studies seriously enough.
  • Sued He has never had the least experience of the County Court; his family never were sued for debt since they can remember.
  • Stu Stu, At Wilson's-Yet if it hurts you, leave me: I have misled you often.
  • studs She noticed that Buckingham, after his return from France, was accustomed to wear some diamond studs which she had never seen before, and which she conjectured correctly to have been given to him by the Queen of France.
  • STD
  • STE First the jetty receded; then Ingouville, with its amphitheatre of houses; Ste .
  • stouter Had I been alone I should have had a stouter heart, I dare say, for then I should have been able to do as I pleased; but now I was associated with a bloody-minded rogue whose soul was in the treasure, and who was certain to oppose any plan I might propose for the construction of a boat or raft out of the material that formed the schooner.
  • decumbencies

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