What is the correct spelling for STUGES?

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Correct spellings for STUGES

  • stage Bionic, here comes another stage Well, this is why I say not to drink while you rage – What's Your Trip by Kottonmouth Kings
  • staggers Staggers, coma, frenzy, etc.
  • stakes On a hellride without brakes Nothing in the world Could still my hunger No matter what the stakes – Wild One by yngwie malmsteen
  • Slugs Frank had his gun, and Willy had the musket; and both carried a plentiful supply of powder and some tolerably round slugs made from cartridges.
  • Stogies
  • Sties
  • Stuccoes 151. Female, Woman, 73. Fetch, Bring, Carry, 44. Few, 191. Few, Little, 46. Fewer, Less, 73. Fictitious writer, 62. Fine writing, 8. Finished, Complete, Through, 39, 99. Fire, Throw, 78. First, Firstly, 62. First, Former, 61. First-rate, 62. First two, 79. Fish, Fly, 148. Fix, In a, 53. Fix, Mend, Repair, 62. Fly, Flee, 53. Flys, Fishes, 148. Foregoing, Above, 87. Foreign words, 9. Former, First, 61. Formulas, Larvas, Stigmas, 144. For to see, 189. Frederick the Great's Kindness- Nouns in apposition, 127. From hence, thence, whence, 180. From, Of, 104, 176. Funny, 56. Further, Farther, 45. Future, Subsequent, 79. Gent's pants, 79. German, Dutch, 75. Get, Got, 54. Give, Accord, 36. Good deal, Great deal, 57. Good piece, Long distance, 110. Good usage, 19. Good, Well, 158. Got to, Must, 115. Governor, the old man, 97. Great big, 98. Great deal, Good deal, 57. Greatly, Badly, 114. Grouse, Quail, Snipe, 149. Grow, Raise, Rear, 113. Guess, Reckon, Calculate, Allow, 56. Gums, Overshoes, 56. Habit, Custom, 40. Had better, Would better, 57. Had have, 192. Had ought to, 193. Hadn't, Haven't, Hasn't, 121. Haint, Taint, 121. Hangs on, Continues, 115. Have got, 188. Have saw, Has went, 114. Haven't, Hasn't, Hadn't, 121. Haply, Happily, 114. Happen, Transpire, 65. Has went, Have saw, 114. Hate, Dislike, 116. Healthy, Wholesome, 52. Healthy, Healthful, 112. Hearty meal, 98. He is no better than me- After than and as, 133. Help but be, 191. Heroes, Cantos, Stuccoes , 145. Herrings, Trout, Pike, 149. He's, She's, It's, 123. Hey?
  • Studies
  • Sutures
  • stooges
  • stuns As long as the odious compound fills the mouth and stuns the organ it is tolerable, but when it has been swallowed the after drops develop themselves, nauseous odors arise, and every feature of the patient expresses horror and disgust, which the fear of death alone could induce him to bear.
  • sages The Constable, an ignorant man who, as the King averred, could neither write nor read, understood as well as more learned sages the manners and humours of the court.
  • stages But not only is there a vast difference between the material and the art forms of the legitimate and the vaudeville stage, there is also a great difference in their playing stages .
  • stags Word has come down from the hills to be ready for a great ride between the Moon of Stags and the Corngathering.
  • studs Like so many eyes, the iron studs stared from the oaken face of the door, until the sudden sliding of a hatch revealed the wrinkled visage of Paulo, the Spanish administrador.
  • smudges All those little smudges on the sand between the Cave and the river are the marks of the Woman's feet and the Man's feet.
  • tugs Lovers abruptly tossed between wind and wave may still be lovers, she knew: but they are, or the weaker of the two is, hard upon any third person who tugs at them for subsistence or existence.
  • sieges Its fame of seven centuries, three sieges sustained and repulsed, all had given me a sublime notion of it; I expected to see something and saw nothing.
  • stokers The passengers had quieted down and some of 'em had gone back to their staterooms to get their things together, and everything was going quiet and peaceable-this was about nine o'clock-when there came another half-smothered explosion and the stokers began crawlin' up like rats.
  • segues
  • sarges
  • stubs The willows were already browsed down to mere stubs , consequently there was little or no feed for the stock.
  • Stokes It is possible a few may have read Cook's voyages, because they appear more national, but who has read Flinders, King, or Stokes ?
  • surges It was inevitable that those who would not recklessly ride upon its billows must be overwhelmed by its resistless surges .
  • de-porting
  • de-pose
  • depurgates
  • desertednesses
  • deservings
  • highdive
  • insanitations
  • inscrutablenesses

40 words made from the letters STUGES