What is the correct spelling for SU?

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Correct spellings for SU

  • au "Unless we fall upon these Amandebeli by surprise, au !
  • cu The excavated material amounted to about 34,000 cu . m., and, of this quantity, 31,500 cu . m. were used to form the embankment; the remainder was taken to a spoil bank immediately adjoining, the black earth stripping being separated and reserved for covering the reservoir, etc. The contract prices for the excavated material placed in the embankment were:
  • eu Penses-tu que, plus vieille, en la maison celeste Elle eu t eu plus d'accueil, Ou qu'elle eu t moins senti la poussiere funeste Et les vers du cercueil?
  • gu Gu (1983 and 1995) defined the following species as typifying the Jehol Biota: gastropods: Bellamya clavilithiformis, B.
  • lu "Yes, and my lovely ring is lost, and it hasn't been found," and Aunt Lu looked at the finger on which used to sparkle the diamond.
  • sa At its head was Captain Sa myule Sa -mith, mounted on a horse of some degree of merit, his coat-tails flapping behind him like banners at half-mast, and his form bouncing about in the sa ddle like an inspired jumping-jack.
  • sb CHAFT, sb . the jaw, also used vulgarly for the mouth.
  • sc Macbeth, Act i. Sc 5. SHAKESPEARE.
  • sd viz because the said Bishop did entertaine people in her house at unseasonable houres in the night to keep drinking and playing at shovel-board whereby discord did arise in other families & young people were in danger to bee corrupted & that the sd Trask knew these things & had once gon into the house & fynding some at shovel-board had taken the of peices thay played with & thrown them into the fyre & had reprooved the said Bishop for promoting such disorders, But received no satisfaction from her about it”— John Hawthorn and Jonath Corwin, Bridget Bishop Executed, June 10, 1692: The Examination of Bridget Byshop at Salem Village 19.
  • se Item tamen Romam, quam pro maiestate imperii non satis ornatam invenerat, adeo excoluit, ut iure gloriaretur marmoream se relinquere, quam latericiam accepisset.
  • si Je dois avoir l'air si noble en domestique.
  • sm 1991: Airborne received awards from three major companies, including Volvo, and in 1992, the airline introduced Flight-Ready SM, a prepaid express letters and packs system.
  • sn Polytechnic Colleges [[Sree Narayana Poly (SN Poly) Technic College (S N P T C), KottiyamGovernment Polytechnic College, PunalurGovernment Polytechnic College, EzhukoneModel Polytechnic College, Karunagappally, Kollam
  • so Was it not so ?
  • sou Nay, should she by the pavement linger Under the rooms where once she played, Who from the feast would rise to fling her One poor sou for her serenade?
  • ss He was there to watch over it. The local church of St. Clement and the monasteries of SS. Zaim and Naoum are dedicated to disciples of Cyril and Methodus, the two brothers who introduced Christianity to these parts.
  • sub There had been hardly any warning, since the first attack had sprung from the sub -levels of the city itself.
  • sue "So'm I glad," declared Sue .
  • sum These were worth any sum .
  • sun "At sun -up," replied Peter.
  • sup Then home to read, sup , and to bed.
  • sw -Specimens examined, 16: Miquihuana, 6200 ft., 6; 14 mi. N, 6 mi. W Palmillas, 5500 ft., 1; Nicolas, 56 km. NW Tula, 5500 ft., 6; 9 mi. SW Tula, 3900 ft., 3.
  • S I'm s-sittin'-I think I'm sittin' down.
  • U What was the U . P. R. to him, or its directors, or its commissioners, or the law?
  • Du "I maun du my best to pruv mysel' i' the richt," returned Cosmo.
  • Stu ↑ Wang-ui namja on IMDb ↑ For The Bible Tells Me So on IMDb ↑ Peking Turkey on IMDb ↑ Happenstance on IMDb ↑ Stu Maddox on IMDb ↑ Joseph Applebaum on IMDb ↑ Reel Affirmations 16 Web site, no date.
  • SF The Last Defender of Camelot" is a fantasy short story by American writer Roger Zelazny, first published in the Summer 1979 issue of Asimovs SF Adventure Magazine.
  • SP silky, even; g. distant; s. 5-10 cm. striate, same colour inside; sp. 9-10 x 5.
  • ST Then this lady is the Countess de St . Alyre.
  • SQ 134.07 1906 50 4.4 sq.
  • SUI Dr. Ku Sui was concerned now, the Hawk knew, seriously concerned, and inevitably, would take serious steps.
  • SK At Glastonbury in 2007, SK Shlomo performed as part of Africa Express and beatboxed on a live version of A Message to You, Rudy accompanying Terry Hall and Lynval Golding from The Specials with Damon Albarn on piano.
  • SJ , 1 or 0) to item j, Sj includes items that require the subset of attributes of item j, and Nci is the total number of comparisons for correctly answered items by examinee i.
  • USU