What is the correct spelling for SUARE?

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Correct spellings for SUARE

  • are But where are you going to?
  • sabre Not to speak of my wound,-a very ugly sabre -cut in the neck,-severing I don't know what amount of nerves, arteries, and such-like 'small deer,' every one of which, however, has its own peculiar perils in the shape of aneurisms, tetanus, and so forth, in case I am not a miracle of patience, calmness, and composure.
  • sarah I saw Sarah let him in.
  • sari But this time the ill-starred dancing-skirt and bells had been locked away; and in their stead we saw the silken jacket, the spangled pale-blue sari , covered by a diaphanous black veil, like a thin cloud half-veiling the summer heavens, the necklace of pearls round the olive pillar of her throat, and above them the calm face and the wealth of dark hair that scorned all artificial adornment.
  • sauce Boil this sauce for a minute, and send it up in a boat.
  • saute Little, however, did I expect, that besides blowing me a relish for my saute de foie gras, it would also blow me one who might, probably, be a partaker of my enjoyment.
  • scare Stas was about to start on a hunting trip and did not want to take Saba with him, for fear that his barking might scare away the game.
  • sear Hate would heal, would sear , at least; but oh!
  • seared He was holding her with both hands, and his touch seemed as if it seared .
  • sere "Frieda Long is hardly thirty-eight," I told him, "and, to change the subject for a moment, I will acknowledge that I deemed such cases best attended by the sere and ancient.
  • serer
  • share Now, what will you give for my share ?
  • sire Judge me not too harshly, sire , for I love thy daughter, and if thou wilt give thy consent to our marriage I will do all that becometh a man to deserve such treasure.
  • snare From his point of view human experience is an education: from theirs it is a snare .
  • soar In his wildest dreams he had scarcely dared soar so high.
  • sore "Don't get sore ," said Stark.
  • spare It was only to spare your father.
  • sparer His figure, too, was sparer , but it looked more powerful than ever; and still more apparent was the added look of strength in the familiar and yet subtly altered face.
  • square We are bound to get square with you!
  • squire "Excuse me, girls," said the Squire , half-rising, and then sitting down again as Verena's young hand pushed him into his seat.
  • stare Still Constance continued to stare in horror at the French girl.
  • starer Sir Wilton looked up quickly; for the habitual starer had been for once outstared.
  • suave Only the sun was above him, the sun and the suave immensity of space.
  • sucre I have seen an individual feast on the eau sucre of an European pine, that cost a guinea, while his palate would have refused the same fruit, with its delicious compound of acid and sweet, mellowed to ripeness under a burning sun, merely because he could have it for nothing.
  • sue And should I sue him for my maintainance, I could get nothing.
  • sugar Often it was tea without milk, sometimes without sugar , but always tea.
  • sugary "I don't, then," said Gordon, son number two, who was preparing his own noon lunch of bread and molasses at the table, and making an atrocious mess of crumbs and sugary syrup over everything.
  • super The effect upon Simon of this beneficent exhibition of the super -human power of Jesus was overwhelming.
  • sure Are yo' all sure about that?
  • surge The old Russian town of Sitka, the most northern on the Pacific coast, she describes as a straggling, peaceful sort of town, edging along shore at the foot of high mountains, and sheltered from the surge and turmoil of the ocean by a sea-wall of rocky, pine-covered islands.
  • surrey These boys of Middlesex and Surrey suffered severely.
  • suture There is no sign of a suture or incision about the belly; whence it seems that the viscera were not removed.
  • zaire She asked me if I would undertake to recompose Zaire , leaving out the r's.
  • Soared Then the Sea Eagle soared up high above the mast tips, and Harry seated himself at the wireless once more.
  • Squarer They stood in the doorway, side by side, Clare in a little white hat and grey travelling dress and Peter browner and stronger and squarer than ever.
  • Sarge A few hundred yards from the craft he said, You'd better set her down here, Sarge , and let me walk in.
  • Sara 16 Girl Neighbors, Sara Tyler.
  • Saar A strong German army was reported to be assembling between Mayence and Coblentz; and instead of reinforcements being sent forward from Metz to Strasburg, much heavier ones would have to be ordered from the Rhine to the Saar .
  • SRO Al tiu momento, Sro .
  • sorer But I'm goin' to pay ye sorer than that.
  • subarea
  • surer "I need not tell you that I had trouble in travelling without money, for there are many people who cannot travel comfortably even when supplied with means in abundance; but in course of time I arrived in the city I once heard Dorris mention, very tired, dirty, and hungry, as you will imagine, but not the least discouraged; for the more I heard about the place,-and I inquired about it of every one who would listen to me,-the surer I was that I would find The Wolf there.
  • sourer He did not ask whether the change came of a truer vision or a sourer judgment, put all down to the experience that makes a man wise, none to a loss within.
  • alehouses
  • densening

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