What is the correct spelling for SUCCENTLY?

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Correct spellings for SUCCENTLY

  • accent He speaks English and French with an accent so admirable that he must have had the best instruction in those languages.
  • accentual This reasonable presumption is an argument, too often disregarded by late grammarians, for considering our poetic feet to be quantitative, as were the ancient,-not accentual only, as some will have them,-nor separately both, as some others absurdly teach.
  • anciently It is an oil jar of red earth, Signor, such as was anciently used, and in it is filled with silver money.
  • currently It was currently reported that Thomas Gray was a wealthy man, and that if Rachel Gray did not let him go to the workhouse, she knew why.
  • decently Our existence, Robert, our decently happy existence in a decently happy home with properly cared-for children-" "But," interrupted Herr Dremmel, raising his hand, "one moment-what is it that must stop?"
  • gently And I'm sure that if she'd been treated a little more gently, nothing of all this would have happened.
  • recently It seemed as if he had been recently among French people, if one could judge from such things as his calling his hostess "Madame" when he recovered.
  • saintly In the silence of the half-darkened chamber she told her story-told it in the low, humbled tone of saintly penitence, rising sometimes into passion and at others falling into an agonized whisper.
  • scantily It was large, and scantily furnished; the shutters were closed; but as they were much broken, there was no want of a circulation of air.
  • scanty The tired horse crawled with drooping head and ears along the edge of the road, in the hope of enjoying the scanty shade which now and then was cast across it by a villa, or a garden-wall.
  • secondly Secondly, we proceed to inquire how wealth is used or consumed; nothing, we shall see, can be wealth, unless it be put to some use, and before we make wealth we must know what we want to use.
  • secretly They all did stand it, however, and Peter thought that they were all, secretly, rather happy and contented.
  • silently Observing him sideways and cautiously I saw that the pretty speeches his mother was making me apropos of everything and nothing were objectionable to him; and I silently agreed with him that pretty speeches are unpleasant things, especially when made by one woman to another.
  • succeed Larry hurried out of the cabin, leaving me in a state of anxious doubt as to whether he would succeed.
  • succinct She described the magazine proprietor and his wife in a succinct sentence,- "They're second-class New York: everything the others have but the right crowd-you'll see."
  • succinctly "You," she said very succinctly.
  • succulent With his knife he separated this summit leaf from the stem, flung it to the earth; and then, descending to the bottom of the tree, made his supper upon the raw but sweet and succulent shoots of the mountain-cabbage.
  • sufficiently His account was sufficiently clear to make us resolve to follow them up, and to try and put a stop to their career.
  • urgently Her first care was to dispatch Jermyn to announce her arrival to the Court of France and to Mazarin, and to beg the medical assistance which her condition so urgently required.
  • Cogently These views were so cogently presented to the Duchess in council, that she saw the impossibility of complying with her brother's commands.
  • Quiescently
  • Saliently
  • Scantly Strew scantly through the cherries, blade mace, whole cloves, allspice, a very little bruised ginger, and grated nutmeg.