What is the correct spelling for SUFFOR?

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Correct spellings for SUFFOR

  • buff The same shot had torn away part of the buff coat of General Deane, who had remained on board to aid his old comrade in arms.
  • buffer So long as he does not insist on my saying a "bumper state" when I mean a "buffer state," I see no reason whatever for any rupture of that sympathy which ought to subsist between two men who take a common interest and pride in the subject of his treatise-Our Common Speech.
  • cuff Mary shook back her hair, as she adjusted the last pin in her cuff .
  • duff Mr. Duff conjectures that in the Latin books he printed from 1518 onwards Pynson was aided by Thomas Berthelet.
  • duffer So she just slipped her arm through his and whispered, "Of course you'll do, you silly old duffer ," and tripped down the stairs by the side of his ponderous steps.
  • guff Why, man, when you set thar last night an' told that woman that her undyin' love for Dick was holy an' godly an' a thing to be kept in a glass case an' looked at every hour in the day-I say when you throwed all that guff at her you sealed yore doom.
  • huff And so it was still, for the Widow Huff remained; but across the front of the hospitable gallery where the Colonel had entertained the town, a cheap cloth sign announced meals fifty cents and Virginia, his daughter, was the waiter.
  • luff Starboard again a little, Tom-steady now-that will do-luff you may, luff -I have it.
  • puff A puff of wind had blown the flame in an opposite direction.
  • puffer In the rules of the Grammar School at Chigwell, Essex, which was founded in 1629, it is prescribed that "the Master must be a man of sound religion, neither a Papist nor a Puritan, of a grave behaviour, and sober and honest conversation, no tippler or haunter of alehouses, no puffer of tobacco."
  • ruff The full skirt appears to fall in easy folds, and the basqued bodice, with tight sleeves, is closely moulded to the figure and surmounted by an elaborately-constructed ruff of muslin and lace.
  • safe It's not safe as it is."
  • savior And I know what carried me on"-for a good reason now occurred to him-"I wanted to be the savior of my family and all that kind of thing.
  • savor For all sacrifice is little for a sweet savor , And all the fat is very little for a whole burnt offering to thee: But he that feareth the Lord is great continually.
  • savour The second stage of Puritan excess, names that savour of eccentricity and fanaticism combined, scarcely reached England north of Trent, and, for lack of volume, have left but the faintest traces.
  • scoffer He might be a scoffer like Nero, or a spiritually-minded Stoic like M. Aurelius, an Isiac devotee like Commodus, or devoted to the Syrian worships like the Oriental princes of the third century.
  • scuff I scuff and stamp the snow away and pull it open with difficulty.
  • serf In the cemetery attached there is seen a white marble column raised to the cherished memory of Lomonosof, called the father of Russian poetry, who was born a serf , but whose native genius won him national renown.
  • sniffer "It does beat blazes," stated "Sniffer" Orne, "what a messed up state all politics is in since this prim'ry business has put the blinko onto caucuses and conventions.
  • snuff Suddenly a young colored boy in snuff -colored suit and high hat appeared.
  • snuffer "And if you win," rejoined Miss Nicky, shaking the snuffer -stand in which were deposited the sixpences, "you get all this."
  • sofa That gentleman had, however, already departed, to the no small astonishment of Martin, who now threw himself lazily down on a sofa , to ponder over his difficulties and weave all manner of impracticable schemes to meet them.
  • souffle Sweet Potato Souffle Boil some sweet potatoes and ripe chestnuts separately, adding a little sugar to the water in which the chestnuts are boiled.
  • staffer When he died, Dick's mother soon married again, a man called Staffer ; clever fellow, but I never quite trusted him.
  • stuff She can't learn anything if you just think about that theory stuff .
  • stuffy It'll be stuffy wi' all th' people an' the corpse in Lecky's.
  • succor Then, fearing to leave the house lest I should be quite lost amid the fences and brush lying between it and the road, I began to feel my way along the walls, calling softly now, instead of loudly, so anxious was I not to miss any chance of carrying comfort, if not succor , to the woman I was seeking.
  • suffer Did she suffer much?
  • sufferer Her heart ached for the sufferer , ached for his isolation, for the final hopeless ending of what he had once hoped would be an honorable and happy career.
  • suffice There were so many of them that they would suffice even for a year.
  • suffuse Alan felt the color suffuse his face.
  • suitor Jack, having overtaken his master, soon after arrived at the lady's house, who, finding the king's son to be a suitor , prepared a banquet for him, and, being ended, she wiped his mouth with her napkin, saying, "You must show this to-morrow, or else lose your head," and she put it safely into her bosom.
  • sulfa In it was a like quantity of sulfa -tetradine.
  • sulfur This is shaken with sodium hydroxide solution until no more odor of sulfur dioxide is noticeable, then washed twice with water and distilled.
  • surf Then he reflected that, after all, he would rather be a live clerk in Baltimore than a dead hero in the restless ocean surf .
  • surfer But in the mean time, see what you surfer : and their return, too, depends on so many circumstances, that, if you had a grain of prudence, you would not count upon it.
  • suva He plays many matches against the white club in Suva , and only last year he took an eleven over to Australia to tour that country.
  • ufo I just flow to buddy suckers and my nickname UFO I got a super-duper flow – Lookin Down On Em by 2 Pistols
  • sumo I have heard it asked what then is the genitive of hiemps; to which the best reply perhaps would be what is the perfect of sumo or the supine of emo.
  • Sufi It had its roots however in physical love, and a story is told of a man who, wanting to become a Sufi , was told first to love some woman.
  • suffers They hold it ill of the Government that it yielded entirely to English influence and claim that the religion suffers by it.
  • surfs Whilst all on board were weighing these chances of destruction or of safety, the vessel's head had gone round off, and a few succeeding heavy surfs threw her again with her starboard quarter upon the rock, and whilst she was in this position, there appeared a possibility of getting some of the people on shore.
  • SF Had he lived long enough to finish another half dozen books, he would have been among the sf greats of the sixties....
  • SAFER I wish we left you in safer companionship.
  • surfers
  • stiffer At the same time I saw the caterpillar shrink himself together and stick his spines out stiffer than ever.
  • alehouses From the establishment of the House of Assembly in 1639 to the erection of the Parliament buildings, the legislature shifted from building to building around Bridgetown, and at several instances it actually met at taverns and alehouses .
  • densenesses

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