What is the correct spelling for SUPISE?

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Correct spellings for SUPISE

  • almost on one
  • being one case
  • co-wed
  • comes apart at the seams
  • dis ingenuousness
  • earns wings
  • got down
  • got down basics
  • hushes one mouth
  • more environmentfriendly
  • more envisioning
  • more pervaded
  • saps She saps every ounce of vitality I have; she keeps me going every hour.
  • SIPS The stranger drops in to see native life, manners, and customs, while he sips scalding tea like the rest, and listens to the music of the large organ which generally forms a part of the furniture, and which when wound up will discourse a score or more of popular waltzes, airs, and mazurkas.
  • SOP'S
  • sops The rumour soon spread that these extensive cessions of territory were sops thrown to the duke and to the bishop, to restrain the one from confiscating his goods, and the other from pronouncing excommunication, for the crimes of which the people whisperingly accused him; but these rumours were probably without foundation, for eventually it was found hard to persuade the duke of the guilt of his kinsman, and the bishop was the most determined instigator of the trial.
  • soups Fish, especially salt fish, meats, and vegetables, in quantities of half a cupful or more, preserved and fresh fruits, cereals-everything but soups, salads, and puddings.
  • space They filled the space.
  • sparse Pat's letters from Harvard were sparse and infrequent.
  • SPAS The tide of ultra summer fashion, has tended latterly toward Eaux Bonnes, Cauterets and Luchon in preference; still, Bigorre, conservative and with it's own assured circle of friends, looks on without malice at its sister spas who have come to wear finer raiment than itself.
  • spice The gentlemen made all possible speed to drink up the ale and spice before he came up again, and that was what Tom desired.
  • spicy Comedies and charades were also played enchantingly by Julie who frequently arranged them in her own style; several scenes and not the least spicy, according to family tradition, passing as her own production.
  • Spies These Fetish men and women, too, for there are Fetish women, and, consequently Fetish children, have spies in different directions, forming as many links of communication between the priesthood in various parts of the country, so that very few occurrences take place of which they have not the means of making themselves acquainted.
  • spike Like that jail lady in the Bible who put the kybosh on a feller named Scissors by nailing his head to the kitchen floor with a railroad spike.
  • spine Gradually, as bruin advanced and I began to think of some method of defense, a cold shiver ran up my spine.
  • spire So they reached the first gallery which ran round the base of the spire, and entered the interior part of it.
  • spite He was thinking he would go out to the Ballards' in spite of the rain.
  • spouse "I give her to him with all my heart," said Robin Hood, "and he that dare to oppose, or take her away from her spouse, shall buy her dearly."
  • spurs A naval officer might with just as much propriety wear spurs upon the quarter-deck as a local railroad agent on shore.
  • SUPERS In Vienna, the performing personnel, including chorus, orchestra, band, ballet, supers and the principal singers, numbers close upon 400. Then follows the body of various instructors, regisseurs, stage managers, repetiteurs, accompanists, etc.
  • supine So the tension of the force which always spurred him was relaxed, and, for the time, at least, he lay supine in the arms of his own dreaming senses, basking in the realms of Love's pleasant sunlight.
  • suppose I suppose he has the other 'phone on this line.
  • sups Who sups with a boar may get good roots to eat, but must endure pigs' feet in the trough!
  • surmise There's no reason why we should surmise the worst.
  • surpass The situation of Basile in the third act, as already described, is absolutely without precedent, while numerous other scenes offer a comique difficult to surpass.
  • surprise And then, to her surprise, the door opened, and Wantele came in alone.
  • Suse You take this, Suse, see!
  • Susie I guess Uncle Theodore was married by some one living near old Miss Susie May Lanley's!