What is the correct spelling for SUREWE?

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Correct spellings for SUREWE

  • brewer Brewer and then Adjourned the Meeting.
  • serape "Oh leave all that," he of the crimson serape broke in.
  • sere They came to a sere, bare hillside on which neither trees nor brushwood grew.
  • serene The place seemed full of a serene and mighty Presence.
  • serer
  • sewer He was all alone on a cement cover of a city sewer that went under the sidewalk.
  • sire "It is a matter of the utmost importance, which will admit of no delay, Sire," answered Carvalho.
  • siren But as soon as he pressed it against his skin his terror vanished, like a siren suddenly stilled.
  • skewer Fill your cucumbers with it, and fasten on with a skewer the pieces you have cut off from their ends.
  • soiree Thanks to the adroitness of Pilleneure, Voltaire appeared at the soiree of the queen-mother in a handsome, well-fitting black coat.
  • sore He tried to stand and walk, but he couldn't because he was too stiff and sore.
  • sorely But I fear poor Jimmy could never have learnt to read; he was one of a sorely poverty-stricken family of about a dozen children.
  • soured He has had a good deal of trial, and the thunder of trouble has soured the milk of human kindness.
  • spewer
  • stowe All who needed medicine were sent to an old Brother, who had settled down the valley at Stowe.
  • sure 6815. Are you sure of that?
  • surely If she did not see him she was surely lost; if she did see him, there was a chance.
  • surety The boy did as he was bid, for he was a willing enough little fellow; but when he entered the barn his brothers, in revenge for his having run away from them in the afternoon, set on him and pulled him down, and piled so much straw on top of him that, had his father not come from the house to see what they were all waiting for, he would, of a surety, have been smothered.
  • surreal His numbness made intake from the senses seem surreal and incredulous, since that which was recorded by the senses was adventitious and distant from a self that in his case was slipping away in its own right.
  • surrey He looked out across the river and saw the quick glow of an opened cupola in a foundry on the Surrey Side.
  • surya And when morning broke Surya, rising red above the eastern hills, watched the hungry waves cast up beside her fourteen white corpses, the remnants of her crew-silent suppliants for the last great rites which open to man the passage into the next world.
  • Sired Sired by a hurricane, dam'd by an earthquake, half-brother to the cholera, nearly related to the small-pox on the mother's side!
  • Serena Francesca asked Youghal; she dimly remembered having seen her at one of Serena Golackly's gatherings, surrounded by a little Court of admirers.
  • Rowe Nor was Nick Rowe ever half so diligent to learn Spanish, at the Quixote recommendation of a certain peer, as I will be to gain the mastery of this vixen's hand.
  • sires The town has part of its ancient ramparts, and the castle which belonged to the Sires de Joyeuse.
  • sores Ulcers, Wounds, Sores, etc.
  • sorer We both kept getting sorer and I called him Buster Jack....
  • surer Randi came backwards and forwards, making preparations for the dinner, and often listened to what was being said; and it was easy to see that the two old people, at first so shy of Hans, became by degrees a little surer of him; for the questions began to be more personal.
  • sourer She shrank from lifting her eyes, expecting to find the third aunt, who was older, as much sourer and sharper in proportion to the other two, but she controlled herself and lifted her flower face to meet a gentle, meek, old face set in soft white frills of a cap, with white ribbons flying, and though the old lady leaned upon a crutch she managed to give the impression that she had fairly flown in her gladness to welcome her new niece.
  • curtain-call
  • densening
  • dummkopfs
  • ideating
  • identicals