What is the correct spelling for SURGEROPN?

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Correct spellings for SURGEROPN

  • groping Phil struggled to his feet, and, groping his way to the door, began tugging at it to get it open.
  • grouping His imagination was trained and invigorated until it became capable of grouping the most extensive and complex considerations.
  • scoring There was partnership of souls in it, over and above mere vulgar scoring.
  • scorpion I also saw a scorpion for the first time.
  • scraper After some moist soil from the sides of the trench has been tramped upon the tile, the trench may be filled by use of a breaking-plow or winged scraper.
  • scraping The mud seemed stickier than ever, but I got out at last, and, arter scraping some of it off with a bit o' stick, I put on my coat and trousers and boots just as I was and went to the gate, with the bell going its 'ardest all the time.
  • scrappy Anyhow, beyond the telegram we had made her promise to send, announcing her safe arrival, the most favoured of us got nothing more than an occasional scrappy note, if he got so much; while the greater number of the long epistles some of us felt in duty bound to address to her, elicited not even the semblance of an acknowledgment.
  • scraps In case I have not time to write to my brother, as the above has been copied only from the scraps of the letter I intended writing, send him this letter, stating my great hurry and the pressure of service at this crisis.
  • screaming Lottie was now screaming for his return.
  • screeching When one of the dancers would feel so inclined, he, or she, would start a wild screeching and leaping about.
  • screen The next minute, Neale heard a key plunged into the outer door-before it turned, he, following out a scheme which he had decided on during his long watch, had leaped behind the screen that stood near the furnace.
  • screening This disposition hath engaged numbers under these unhappy circumstances to attempt screening themselves from the rigour of the laws by sheltering in certain places, where by virtue of their own authority, or rather necessities, they set up a right of exemption and endeavour to establish a power of preserving those who live within certain limits from being prosecuted according to the usual course of the Law.
  • screwing To do Brogten justice, he had never intended for a moment to affect Julian's chance of ultimate success, when he enjoyed the mean satisfaction of screwing up his door.
  • scriabin
  • script Finishing the thirteenth scene, Kennedy closed the covers and handed the script to me.
  • scurrying Time went scurrying on.
  • secretion In 1855 he maintained that every organ of the body by a process of internal secretion gives up products to the blood.
  • Griping He bowed again formally; then stood with lowered eyes, his hand griping the edge of the table.
  • Succoring He and Martina must e'en make their way home again with two adopted dear ones, and it must be the care of the old folks to comfort the young ones instead of the young succoring the old as was natural.
  • Suckering
  • Sugaring
  • scrapping
  • scoping
  • scrapers
  • regrouping
  • medullae