What is the correct spelling for SURPIZE?

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Correct spellings for SURPIZE

  • almost on one
  • seize He had indeed thought of doing it, but at the last, in his eagerness to seize the moment of escape without again facing his suspicious wife, he had forgotten everything else.
  • size A side and under view is shown in the figure, and the larger figure is the under-view, from a photograph made a little more than twice natural size, in order to show clearly the character of the gills.
  • space I have yet strength sufficient to walk to some open space, where the danger will be less.
  • spice "Return with me now to the spice tent and bring what you need, quickly!
  • spicy But most welcome feature of all in this early spring of city streets was the peculiar spicy fragrance of the melting snows, rising in vapour from the gutter with promise of meadows growing green and of boughs bursting into bud.
  • Spies When this had progressed for a few months, La Vallette was informed of the object by his well-paid spies in the Turkish capital.
  • spike The projecting shoulder is supposed to prevent the spike from entering the scalp of one farther than that of another.
  • spine When yet a child she fell down a steep flight of stairs and seriously injured her spine, so that she became a permanent invalid.
  • spire In the middle of the sixteenth century, the central tower was also found to need reparation; and the church, upon this occasion, sustained a lasting injury, in the loss of its original spire, which was of lead, and of great height and beauty.
  • spite "Harry," she said, "you warned me some days ago not to allow myself to give my heart to your friend; but as he has assured me that I have his in spite of what you said, I could do nothing less than give him mine in return."
  • supine I left my body supine in its narrow bed and soared above the stars.
  • suppose It may be, I suppose."
  • sups "Lead me quietly, knave, to the room where My Lord sups," said Norman of Torn.
  • surmise The backwoodsman saw by the expression upon the Indian's face, that his own surmise had been correct.
  • surpass Mercury, as the smallest of the planets, is best compared with the moon, which it does not greatly surpass in size and which it strongly resembles in other respects.
  • surplice My model will be here in a few moments to don your surplice.
  • surprise I started with surprise when it first met our view.
  • Susie Be sure of that, Susie Barringer.