What is the correct spelling for SURPRSE?

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Correct spellings for SURPRSE

  • almost on one
  • am apposite
  • cock a doodle doo
  • coldshouldering
  • coming in to view
  • got down basics
  • man or woman of learning
  • more daedalean
  • more portion
  • most caviling
  • purrs One other person I would choose if I were fated to have sisters, would be the one who purrs when she is pleased.
  • SPARES I am glad to hear, that in the world I am as kindly spoke of as any body; for, for aught I see, there is bloody work like to be, Sir W. Coventry having been forced to produce a letter in Parliament wherein the Duke of Albemarle did from Sheernesse write in what good posture all things were at Chatham, and that the chain was so well placed that he feared no attempt of the enemy: so that, among other things, I see every body is upon his own defence, and spares not to blame another to defend himself, and the same course I shall take.
  • sparse Perhaps it was gout, although his active habits and a sparse diet throw doubt on the supposition.
  • SPIRES The sun was just rising, touching woods, and fields, and the spires of the distant town with its golden light.
  • Spores When young they are pink in color, but in age change to a dark purple brown, or nearly black color, due to the immense number of spores that are borne on their surfaces.
  • spree "You'll find that you'll have to pay somewhat heavily for your spree," remarked the lieutenant.
  • sprees She's gone into the city on regular spending sprees and Mert's wild.
  • spruce Much of the fir and spruce timber will cut into six or seven logs of sixteen feet in length, the tree being six feet in diameter two feet from the ground.
  • suppers Say, I suppose you've been up against one of those little after-the-play-is-over suppers that they serve behind the lace curtains on Fifth-ave.
  • suppose And suppose we did find out who she was?
  • suppress When possible, she would suppress a bad review or lose the paper until evening.
  • supra But in an eight, if the long man fits his stretcher as if for sculling, he will be doing more than his share, and may be unable to shoot so long a slide through in the required time, except by dint of 'hurrying' it; and, if he does this latter, the result is to cripple his swing, as shown supra.
  • sups So home and to dinner, and after dinner all the afternoon got my wife and boy to read to me, and at night W. Batelier comes and sups with us; and, after supper, to have my head combed by Deb.
  • surpass "Your health or ill-health would always be a serious matter, but since you hint it-yes, I admit-if it prevented our marriage, if it came between us now, Lucia, it would surpass even the importance it has at all other times.
  • surprise Then, when I returned to my own office, I found another surprise.
  • surprised You seem to be surprised at everything!"
  • surprises He would wander in the garden-paths among the rose-bushes, smiling to himself as he thought of the many surprises in store for Anne.