What is the correct spelling for SURRYING?

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Correct spellings for SURRYING

  • burying "I am so glad, so grateful, so-" Here I broke down, and burying my face in Fanny's fur, cried and laughed out my thankfulness.
  • ferrying As the white population increased in that part of the country, a man of the name of Gibson erected a hut on the southern bank of the stream, constructed a flat-boat, and began ferrying over at the rate of three dollars a head.
  • hurrying Then she mentioned the Almighty's name, and, as they were hurrying away, a little table alongside the bed went round about the floor twenty times.
  • quarrying The quarrying away of large masses of Carboniferous and Devonian limestone, near Liege, in Belgium, has afforded the geologist magnificent sections of some of these caverns, and the former communication of cavities in the interior of the rocks with the old surface of the country by means of vertical or oblique fissures, has been demonstrated in places where it would not otherwise have been suspected, so completely have the upper extremities of these fissures been concealed by superficial drift, while their lower ends, which extended into the roofs of the caves, are masked by stalactitic incrustations.
  • scurrying If one may judge, however, from the looks of Simmo's overalls, and from the number of times he woke me by scurrying around my tent, I suspect that he is never too serious and never too busy for a joke.
  • spraying This meant more detail, a broader design, coarser flowers, bigger fruit, and these spraying over the galloon, and all but invading the picture.
  • straying When it was put a second time he glanced up with a start, as if he had been brought back with a shock from the place of shadows in which his thoughts had been straying.
  • surveying I looked askance at the schoolmaster who stood in the doorway surveying the work.
  • worrying I've never had a care or thought outside 'em, till one day I got busy worrying what was under the ground instead of keeping to the things I understood above the ground.
  • Berrying You see, Alene, when we go a-berrying we always wear our heaviest shoes and battered bonnets and patched dresses, for the thorns tear our shoes and clothes.
  • Carrying There they are, the whole lot of them, carrying her off.
  • Harrying Assembling themselves in haste, and abandoning Asia Minor to the Turks, they marched on Constantinople, harrying the land far and wide with fiendish cruelty.
  • Marrying I am marrying for fun, not for love.
  • Parrying And Hugh's fleet was a joy, and,-yes, certainly they would go sailing together; and they'd go to the Dee, and the Jellybolee, over the land and over the sea- And all the time, the girl felt that she was in a dream, in which the only real thing was the tall, broad-shouldered figure that moved so lightly and cheerfully among the rest; was the deep, sweet voice that was talking, explaining, parrying, the attack of the Colonel and all his own family?
  • Querying One cannot help querying whether there can be another case like it.
  • Tarrying At once she prepared and equipped herself, and without any tarrying or delay, she proceeded to the court.
  • Currying It was evident to the expert readers of the tape that the "System" was currying its steed for an exceptionally brilliant run.
  • Sullying If now, at this moment, that wretched place down in Westmoreland could become his, he might yet ride triumphantly over his difficulties, and refrain from sullying his hands with more of his cousin's money till she should become his wife.