What is the correct spelling for SURVIRE?

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Correct spellings for SURVIRE

  • furrier Of his history he says:-My father was a furrier, who, in the family of his grandfather, a rabbi at Breslau, received not only the usual superficial knowledge of Judaism, but at the same time a truly orthodox education, and, as a pious Jew, he took good care that the laws of his people should be strictly kept by his whole family.
  • sapphire Skirting the circus on the south side we turned down a hill to the right, and immediately were in the country again with cornfields on either side and the sea like a liquid sapphire beyond them.
  • sartre
  • satire These lines are suggested by Juvenal's Satire, X, ll.
  • savory I do not complain of the kitchen-garden literature; many of the vegetables are very wholesome and savory in their season, very good for eating to-day and forgetting to-morrow; I complain that in the interest of kitchen-gardens the rearing of all grander and loftier vegetation, the growth of secular forest-kings has become almost impossible in England.
  • serve Let me that I serve you, sir?
  • server Make yourselves quite easy; the king's writ was never but once in these parts; and the 'original and true copy' went back to Limerick in the stomach of the server; they made him eat it, Mr. Lorrequer; but it's as well to be cautious, for there are a good number here.
  • service I should be glad, you know, to be of any service to your father's children....
  • servile But are the men and women of the East so-so servile as you suggest?
  • severe The fall of Jules Ferry was a severe blow to efficient government.
  • sire O yes, there's a secret in the stars and stripes: It was the emblem of our nation's sire; And from the record of his father's stripes, He gathered zeal which did his youth inspire.
  • sphere Now we could use our eye as the center of the celestial sphere but more accurate than that is to use the center of the earth.
  • spire On the left was the Spyker Schloss, with the spire of Bobbin church behind it.
  • squire The boy was satisfied that Squire Dobb was keeping him out of his money, but he had no proofs to use in bringing a case against the rascally lawyer.
  • suave Helen had conceived an immediate and instinctive distrust of Slade, despite his smooth-flowing speech and suave manners.
  • sucre The second course had for its central dish a most dignified goose stuffed with chestnuts, a salad of vegetables garnished with rounds of beetroot opposite to custards in cups, while lower down a dish of turnips "au sucre" faced a timbale of macaroni.
  • sufferer You haven't skill to make what is called a "good book," and you 'll always be a sufferer.
  • sure Are you quite sure of that, Dick?
  • surfer Yes, my gracious Prince, I have come to you, although your priest struck me on the fingers, and your mother and old Ulrich called me a harlot, before all the court, and lastly, turned me out of the castle by night, as if I had been a swine-herd; but I have not the heart to let your Highness surfer, if my poor prayers and help can abate your sickness; therefore let them strike me, and call me a harlot again, if they wish.
  • surrey Fanny, you know, is staying at Oxton, in Surrey, with Lady Castleton,- the poor lady is so fond of her,-and no one has comforted her like Fanny.
  • survey In Marx's remarkable survey of English industrial history almost every conquest of modern civilization is viewed with regret; but it is manifestly idle to think of forcing society back now to a state in which there should be no producing for profit, but only for private use, no subdivision of labour, no machinery, no steam, for these are the very means without which it would be impossible for our vastly increased population to exist at all.
  • survive It is rarely their fortune to survive to be like me, or heaven knows what hearts they would be left with!
  • survivor If all the others had lived, would the quandary and the struggle between opposing wills have been as great for each one as for this sole survivor?
  • suture In place of a pin suture, silver wire, catgut, or strong linen thread may be used in the way of an ordinary suture.
  • Striae If the nucleus were taken out, a hollow mould would remain, on which the external form of the shell with its tubercles and striae, as seen in a, Figure 52, would be seen embossed.
  • surefire No matter how highly developed it can't be surefire.
  • sorrier But, of course, I am sorrier than I can say that it's so dull.
  • sprier Before the week ended I felt fitter and sprier in every way than I had for years past; more alive, more interested in things, quicker on my feet and brisker in my mental processes than in a long time.
  • surer But there was the hold to be explored yet; the navigation of these waters must have been anticipated by the men of the schooner, who were sure to make handsome provision for the cold-and the surer if, as I fancied, they were Spaniards.
  • severer But a severer test awaited the Sea Eagle, namely, the trying out of her capacity actually to rise into the air.
  • non-alcoholic
  • alehouses
  • dis-criminations