What is the correct spelling for SUTBS?

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Correct spellings for SUTBS

  • stub He dropped the stub of the match and pushed.
  • suds Squire Partridge's son's here, 'long with a friend; been gunnin', want luncheon, and I'm all in the suds ; do come down and see to 'em.
  • SITS There's where he sits at night, and I hear people coming in, 'cause my window is one in the lean-to."
  • stuns No hands nor no machinery that we know anything about at the present day could move one of them stuns , let alone bringin' 'em from heaven knows where.
  • sets His time is certain, but even if it were not, the sun rises and sets and therefore changes its altitude quickly.
  • suits 4974. Can you not take that money and deal with it at any other store that suits you better than Mr. Grierson's?
  • stabs She set up on the edge o' the bed, makin' wild stabs with 'er feet at 'er slippers, and lookin' wall-eyed an' scared.
  • sobs Tears and sobs almost choked the poor nurse's utterance, as she embraced and kissed, over and over again, her young charge.
  • suites She'll forget when we start and want best suites of rooms with baths everywhere.
  • tubs She had no examples of more fussed over and tended women before her eyes to upset her contentment, and saw for herself how the village women in like condition worked on at their wash-tubs and in the fields up to the end.
  • studs The rector of Clavering, as he heard all this wisdom fall from his son's lips, looked at Harry's expensive clothes, at the ring on his finger, at the gold chain on his waistcoat, at the studs in his shirt, and smiled gently.
  • snubs My cousin writes him, and he snubs her.
  • TBS
  • SUBS Through the door at one side of the stage the freshman subs were coming, through the other the sophomores.
  • SOTS They are for lads and silly girls and sots in an ale-house, and a merchant can have no kindness for those who are the foes of his trade.
  • DUBS The live bluid turned to dubs i' my inside.
  • stubs I have often had occasion to observe that stubs , roots and small stones, etc.
  • dissuadable
  • allineating
  • asexualizes
  • de-basement
  • de-porting
  • de-pose
  • depurgates