What is the correct spelling for SUTUR?

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Correct spellings for SUTUR

  • sat Peter obligingly sat up and looked this way and looked that way and looked the other way.
  • sate Seeing a junior boy of his own house in the carriage, he made some good-natured remark, and before Hugh could realise the greatness of his good fortune, his hero had sate down beside him, and after a few words, with a friendly impulse, had launched into a ghost story which lasted the whole of the journey, and the very phrases of which haunted Hugh's mind for weeks.
  • saturn Or has Saturn devoured his own children?
  • satyr He reappeared at Rocky Canyon among the miners as an exceedingly agile chamois, with the low cunning of a satyr .
  • saute -Blanch and beard six dozen of oysters, leaving the oysters in their own liquor; then cut two middling-sized onions into small dice, and saute it in a stewpan, with an ounce of butter; when done, mix in two teaspoonfuls of curry powder and one of curry paste, then add the oysters with their liquor, and keep stirring over the fire until the oysters become enveloped in a thick sauce, when turn them out upon your dish, and serve with rice separately.
  • set Won't you let us set you down, Mr. Westover?
  • sett l. 15. the Standard was sett up, at Nottingham, on August 22, 1642.
  • setter For when Kemper caught my cold gaze fixed upon him he winced and looked away like a reproved setter dog who knew better.
  • setup "Then why this whole setup , this hunt for what might mean trouble?"
  • sit Suppose you sit down."
  • sitar Purbayan Chatterjee (Bengali পূর্বায়ণ চট্টোপাধ্যায়; born in Kolkata 12 September 1976) is an Indian sitar maestro who lives in Mumbai, India.
  • site During the Jaintia rebellion the village of Jowai was almost entirely destroyed, but as soon as the rebellion was over the people returned to the old site and rebuilt their village.
  • sitter The artist was fortunate in having a sitter with such a striking personality, and the sitter in being painted by a man of Leighton's deep insight and great executive power.
  • slur Nay, he took the imputation as rather a slur on so respectable a neighbourhood: for to be quaint is to be picturesque, and to be picturesque is to be old-fashioned.
  • sorter Mother she means well, but-but she's got a sorter curious way of showin' it.
  • sot Bolster had done what he sot out to do-he had lowered my pride down lower than the Queen of Sheba's ever wuz, by fur.
  • sour "Very well," he cried; "I will take the sour with the sweet.
  • spur Then they spur toward each other at the top of their horses' speed.
  • stair
  • star
  • stay
  • steer
  • stew
  • stir
  • stow
  • stub
  • stud
  • stun
  • sty
  • suet
  • suety
  • suit
  • suite
  • suitor
  • sutler
  • suttee
  • suture
  • tutu
  • Hutu Disputes - international: Tutsi, Hutu , and other ethnic groups, associated political rebels, armed gangs, and various government forces continue fighting in the Great Lakes region, transcending the boundaries of Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda to gain control over populated areas and natural resources; government heads pledge to end conflict, but localized violence continues despite UN peacekeeping efforts; conflict in Sudan has extended rebel forces and refugees into Uganda
  • Sued
  • Stu
  • ST
  • SST
  • STA
  • STE
  • Sumter

15 words made from the letters SUTUR

  • 4 letter words made from SUTUR:

    rust, ruts, suru, tsur, turu, tuur, ursu, urus.
  • 5 letter words made from SUTUR:

    rustu, tsuru, tursu, urstu.
  • 3 letter words made from SUTUR:

    rut, sur, utu.