What is the correct spelling for SVEAR?

If you've misspelled "svear", don't worry! There are a few possible correct suggestions. The correct spelling may be "swear", meaning to make a solemn promise or to use offensive language. Another possibility is "sear", which refers to the process of browning the surface of food. Make sure to double-check the context to determine the accurate spelling!

Correct spellings for SVEAR

  • fear John's fear of rejection prevented him from pursuing his dream of becoming a writer.
  • Saar
  • saver Using a money saver app has helped me save a significant amount of money.
  • sea The waves crashed against the shore as the sun set over the sea.
  • sear The chef decided to sear the steak on high heat to create a crispy crust.
  • sears I cannot believe that I bought a bed from Sears.
  • seer The seer predicted that the king would be defeated in battle.
  • sever She had to sever ties with her toxic friend in order to maintain her own mental health.
  • smear The criminal tried to smear the witness's reputation in hopes of avoiding conviction.
  • soar
  • spear The hunter used his spear to catch fish in the stream.
  • Sven Sven is a popular Scandinavian male name.
  • swear You'll swear you saw a ghost when you see the results of this experiment.