What is the correct spelling for SVEER?

If you're facing the misspelling "sveer", there are several correct suggestions that might help. The word "severe" is a possible alternative, meaning extreme or intense. "Sever" can also be considered, denoting to separate or cut off. Additionally, "sweeper" or "server" could be relevant depending on the context.

Correct spellings for SVEER

  • seer The seer predicted the storm that ravaged the city.
  • sever The chef had to sever the chicken's head before preparing it for cooking.
  • sheer The sheer curtains billowed in the breeze.
  • sneer She sneered at her opponent's weak argument.
  • Speer
  • steer I learned how to steer a boat at summer camp.
  • veer The truck had to veer to avoid hitting the deer that ran across the road.