What is the correct spelling for SWAGG?

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Correct spellings for SWAGG

  • sag If you bring it too far forward the front of the sling will sag .
  • saga His first serious literary efforts were some peasant tales, whose freshness and vividness made an immediate and remarkable impression and practically ensured his future as a writer, while their success inspired him with the desire to create a kind of peasant "saga."
  • sage They had always laughed, and told their loves, and spoken their young men's thoughts, and made their young men's jokes, without fear or shame, before the merry-hearted sage , who never offered good advice, if indeed he ever dreamed that there was a wiser philosophy than theirs.
  • sago The mosquitoes were in thousands, and I had to go to bed, so as to be out of their reach, before I had finished my wretched meal of sago and condensed milk.
  • sang "I will," Ellen sang it, "I will an' I will.
  • scag
  • sewage The sewage of towns is utilised, and causes crops to spring forth; every scrap of refuse manures a garden.
  • slag Mile after mile of unbroken ruin stretched out, blackened slag , pitted and scarred, and occasional heaps of rock.
  • snag He'll think he has run foul of a snag , I know.
  • stag "Isabel," he ended, "certainly thought she saw a man behind us once; but we were among the deer, and it was dusky in the woods; and, for myself, I think it was but a stag .
  • swab It is best applied by means of a cotton swab on a thin stick.
  • swag I tied my worldly possessions into a "swag" a process in which I was skillfully assisted by an old miner, with whom I casually foregathered.
  • swagger Still he was a decent youngster, and his little harmless swagger was very intelligible.
  • swan In London there are sermons in stones, certainly, but not "good in everything,"-an observation I should take the liberty of making to the Swan if he were not now, alas!
  • swank Maybe you thought that was swank .
  • swap But Saul continued glibly: Asa had done named ter me, back thar in ther mountains, thet he reckoned him an' ther Governor could swap favours.
  • swat But Bowlaigs quits game; he turns with a warwhoop an' confers on the Major a swat that would have broke the back of a bronco; an' then he dies with his teeth in the Major's neck.
  • sway This man was all powerful to sway her emotions, and she knew it.
  • swig They arranged the bricks as comfortably as possible before seating themselves, and when they were seated, one of them drew a whiskey bottle from his pocket and, after taking a good swig , offered it to his partner.
  • wag "Now there was a covetous undertaker in town, who carted away the corpse, and then told the widow that she must spend much money on the funeral, in order to have her husband buried properly; or else, the tongues of the neighbors would wag .
  • wage There is no regular wage for them.
  • Swagged Only a few stars burned their faint way through the quickly hidden rents of the sheltering cloud-covering that, knitting here, breaking there, again, overlapping in soft folds before an urgent sky breeze, swagged low above the ground.
  • Swam The sailors told that a blackhorned Bogieside ox, belonging to Mr Hay, swam for several miles after the ship.
  • Swung He swung on Mr. Brinsmade.
  • swags So, passionate and unresting, I prayed among my swags and emblems and gargoyles.
  • SWAK
  • SWIGS Ye've had as many as twenty swigs today.
  • saggy Not much of a spine, perhaps, and a little saggy about the shoulders; all in all, rather a common type.

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