What is the correct spelling for SWARL?

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Correct spellings for SWARL

  • sail In about a month's time the ship set sail for America.
  • saul 153 368 Saul , Part I. 1845 iii.
  • seal Then their minds jumped on and other little figures came by in procession, headed, in Ralph's view, by the figure of Sally Seal .
  • seawall At one place there was a file of fishermen, including a fisherwoman, drawing their net by means of a rope carried across the carriage-way from the seawall , with a splendid show of their black eyes and white teeth and swarthy, bare legs, and always there were beggars, both of those who frankly begged and those who importuned with postal-cards.
  • seward Ses I, Kernel, this government ain't out of order, as Seward an Chase kontend.
  • small Cut it small , and put it into a stew-pan, with a large piece of butter.
  • snail Yes, like a Snail !
  • snarl Things have ben in a kind of a dubbel and twisted snarl here lately.
  • snarly He had used the scissors on his long black mustache, and given it a snarly and unkempt appearance.
  • stael "And possessing neither," commented Madame de Stael , with her wonted courtesy.
  • stall But when he came out of a stall presently and saw the man for whom he had been waiting standing before him, a swift alarm seized him and made his dark face pale.
  • swab It is, eh, you wall-eyed deck swab ?
  • swag The moon shone in his face and kept him awake, and he lay on his swag in a very unhappy frame of mind.
  • swain The faithful swain having finished, gave a long sigh, and said: 'Well, I could do with some more!
  • swami But the term is not generally applied to the more distinctive sects as the Kabirpanthi, Swami -Narayan, Satnami and others, some of which are almost separated from Hinduism, nor to the Sikh religious orders, nor the Chaitanya sect of Bengal.
  • swan But a fragment or two and the drawings for them show how truly grand the two works were which Holbein had probably already intended should be his swan -song as Holbein Basiliensis.
  • swap It had stretched a bit year by year, for the trader's family had been big in the early days when hunters and miners of both breeds came in to trade, to loaf, and to swap stories with him.
  • sward Stanford throwing himself on the sward at her feet, but, seeing that she shrank back, he drew himself further from her, resting where he might gaze upon her face.
  • swarm Otherwise the swarm would not give the holy man a moment of rest-Allah!
  • swash "I can hear the swash of water just the same, Dick.
  • swat They swakked their swords, till sair they swat , And the blood ran down like rain.
  • swath I'm going to cut a wide swath .
  • sway Jean continued to sway back and forth with her apron over her head.
  • swazi The trouble with the Swazi guns was almost invariably dirt or rust.
  • swear See here, Nelson, are you ready to swear that he's the man?
  • swell He felt his heart swell in triumph as he listened.
  • swill Girls are just what I read som'er's or other about them and the pigs and the hot swill .
  • swirl Not wishing to be caught in any little swirl of conventional comment, I remained near the staircase waiting for some one to descend who could give me news concerning Miss Murray.
  • sword He sits down on the threshold with his sword across his knees.
  • sworn I have sworn never to utter it again.
  • twirl He did this faster than any white man could possibly twirl it, and in a couple of minutes a coil of smoke came up from the pile of bark.
  • wail In her suppressed tones sounded the ancient wail of women-mothers crying for their sons sacrificed in war.
  • wall Katharine Hilbery came in rather late, and took up a position on the floor, with her back against the wall .
  • Sal Not that I can't take care o' myself,' added Sal with a modest smile.
  • Swam Her voice shook slightly, and the light swam like an ocean of gold behind her tears.
  • Swore "Looks like Man has swore off ag'in," she observed dryly.
  • sways There is no title to these two:- I like a fire of wood; there is a kind Of artless poetry in all its ways: When first 'tis lighted, how it roars and plays, And sways to every breath its flames, refined By fancy to some shape by life confined.
  • swirls Slowly the pointer moved away from the letter T. But after a series of swirls it stopped definitely at M. "Go on," said Carly, in a whisper.
  • swears My girl was not one of the kind who sends her lover to war and swears she will die an old maid unless he returns.
  • SWAK
  • swirly
  • swallow Swallow, taking her pace with all McGloin's nerve and skill, had caught her before she had traveled half a dozen yards.

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