What is the correct spelling for SWEKER?

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Correct spellings for SWEKER

  • sake For heaven's sake , get away from here before any one sees." And when he urged "For pity's sake!" Once more in gentle tones she spake. – Three Voices, The by Lewis Carroll
  • seek You are not the first to seek escape in that way. The parrakeets are silent in the gum-tree by the creek; The ferny grove is sunshine-steeped and still; But the dew will gem the myrtle in the twilight ere he seek His little lonely cabin on the hill. – The Younger Son by Robert W. Service
  • seeker His manner toward the gold-seeker was cool and distant.
  • sewage As to posterity, who would consent to have a month's fit of the gout or tic-douloureux in order that in the fourth thousand year, A. D., posterity should enjoy a perfect system of sewage ?
  • sewed "They've got me sewed up, and they're throwing the book at me.
  • sewer He did not know that the fairies were close to him always, shutting the sailors' eyes lest they should see him, and turning him aside from millraces, and sewer mouths, and all foul and dangerous things.
  • sinker "Cut it out, Sinker ," he growled.
  • skew Thus it can be drawn as a regular figure in 11-space, although then its hemi-icosahedral cells are skew ; that is, each cell is not contained within a flat 3-dimensional subspace.
  • skewer I am anxyus to skewer your inflooence.
  • skier The Torino Winter Olympic Games saw Alcott finish 11th in the downhill, the best Olympic performance by a British female skier since 1968.
  • sleek "I bet you that sleek Dyceworthy fellow meant the old bonde and his daughter, when he spoke of persons who were 'ejected' from the social circles of Bosekop.
  • smoker "Come into the smoker here," the conductor said.
  • sneaker Sole Collector started in Portland, Oregon where it quickly became the leading source for sneaker news.
  • sower One cannot lie here in the warm but unquickening sun, and see this sower crossing meadow and cornfield without a vision of waking life, of fields again all green where now stands the fodder, of woods all full of song as soon as this sowing and the sleeping of the seeds are done.
  • speaker It was a mighty distrustful look he bent upon the speaker .
  • stoker "Indeed not," we reply; "for the Poet taking in the sea, or the woods, or the starry-night, the poet who might be just sharing the sunshine with the salamander, is as much a labourer as the stoker or the bricklayer."
  • swagger In England to-day it is swagger for women to carry sticks-in the country.
  • swear
  • swearer
  • sweater
  • swede
  • sweep
  • sweeper
  • sweet
  • wake
  • week
  • wicker
  • worker
  • Sicker It is a mistake to try to stimulate into growth, by the use of fertilizers, those plants which give every indication of being sickly or stunted; they will make such a plant sicker, if they do not kill it outright.
  • Woke
  • Swore
  • Zeke
  • sewers A green, slimy, sluggish stream, bringing with it all the filth of the sewers of Andersonville, a village three miles distant, flows directly across the enclosure from east to west.
  • SWAK
  • weaker
  • sleeker The river warbles soft and runs With fuller curve and sleeker line, Though on the winter-blackened hedge Twigs of unbudding iron shine, And trampled still the river sedge.
  • sweeter
  • swanker
  • un-pin

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