What is the correct spelling for SWELING?

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Correct spellings for SWELING

  • doweling
  • dwelling
  • sailing If we can only tide over the next year or two we shall get into plain sailing , and I suppose it will all right then.
  • sealing I don't know of any for sealing capacitors, Eddie.
  • seedling The seedling is in the lower world, but its tip containing the supposed sense-organ is in the strange world where roots curve upwards.
  • selling Wherein I was displeased at nothing but my cozen Roger's insisting upon my being obliged to settle upon them as the will do all my uncle's estate that he has left, without power of selling any for the payment of debts, but I would not yield to it without leave of selling , my Lord Sandwich himself and my cozen Thos.
  • sewing I was well grown before I wore a suit which was not of her cutting and making, though sometimes she was obliged to have in a sewing -woman for the light work.
  • sling She caught the descending sling with a dexterity that astonished him, and seated herself in it before he could rise to assist her.
  • smelling The way her dog kept smelling at it, and then it was shaped like a box.
  • soiling You can upset the coffee without soiling the table-cloth, for there is none.
  • spelling If you are using this book for research, please verify any spelling or punctuation with another source.
  • stealing They've been stealing everything they could carry off!
  • sterling Zigesar is a sure, excellent, sterling character, and you may always count upon his friendship in that capacity.
  • swearing Therese got quite excited, and swearing that she would never let the box out of her hands again, she went up to her son and kissed him several times.
  • sweating O that her lord were but sweating behind this hanging, with the expectation of what I shall see.
  • sweeping Arno had the engine roaring while Allison and the general were sweeping the yard with tommy-gun fire.
  • swelling Far away to the south-west, where the great Groveton valley, backed by the wooded mountains, lay green and beautiful, rose the dull booming of cannon, swelling to a continuous roar; and as the weary soldiers, climbing the slopes near Centreville, looked eagerly in the direction of the sound, the rolling smoke of a fierce battle was distinctly visible above the woods which bordered the Warrenton-Alexandria highway.
  • swerving He drew the defence with a feint to the left, then, swerving to the right, shot past into the friendly darkness.
  • swilling "You boys get mighty close to the wind swilling prohibited liquor.
  • swing Malone saw one cop raise his billy and swing it at Mike.
  • swirling The next minute he felt a sickening swirling sensation and realized that he was in the whirlpool's death-grip at last.
  • toweling As he finished toweling himself dry, Cade faintly heard John say, We need you in the ops room, Mandi.
  • Jeweling The slowly revolving Milky Way was only a glory within me; the great woman-star jeweling the summit of a cliff, was only an ecstasy within me; the murmuring of the river out in the dark was only the singing of my heart; and the deep, deep blue of the heavens was only the splendid color of my soul.
  • Roweling Bleeding, nerving, roweling, or setoning have likewise some adherents, but the evidence indicates that they have neither curative nor preventive value and therefore should be discarded for the method of vaccination which has been thoroughly tried and proved to be efficacious.
  • Waling
  • Welling
  • Soling
  • Steeling
  • swellings Pressure properly applied to the swellings will cause the grubs to "pop out" if they have reached a late stage of development.
  • swiveling
  • wiling
  • spieling
  • depolluted

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