What is the correct spelling for SYLES?

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Correct spellings for SYLES

  • sale I used to make them for myself, but they had these for sale , and I was by way of spending money, so I bought them.
  • sales It wasn't the shiny new Atomovair sports jetabout that caught Frank's eye, it was the charming demonstration robot in the sales room who was pointing out the car's new features.
  • salsa Caro salsa , vel salita.
  • sellers Circumstances may favor sellers and buyers by turns, but intrinsic values are nearly fixed all over the world.
  • sills The house, always too large for their needs, seemed now to stretch into an infinity of echoing passages and empty rooms; the many windows gathered the dust thick upon their sills .
  • slew To make the connection between Jehovah and the impending storm more obvious still, Moses stretched his rod toward heaven, and there was hail, and fire mingled with the hail, such as slew man and beast, and smote the trees, and destroyed all the vegetation which had yet grown up.
  • slews There'd be slews of room and when you wanted the air of an evening you could climb up in a buttonhole of your vest and be quite cosy and comfortable.
  • sole During the rest of the walk home the coming dance was the sole subject under discussion.
  • stylus Mrs. Bahrr whined a bit as to wishing only to do the right thing, but her steel-pointed eyes, as she fixed them in Jerry, wrote as with a stylus across the girl's understanding: You are hopelessly in the minority.
  • Les "I don't want you to go away and think ill of me-that I am one of those women-les affranchies I think they call them-who think themselves above social laws.
  • Sallies Nearly half the troops had been cut to pieces in the repeated and resolute sallies made by the Moors.
  • Selves Of the future, of the actual present, save of their two selves, they scarcely spoke.
  • Slows The man who drove the gig so rapidly a little way off suddenly slows down, and, with a sympathetic word, walks his horse gingerly by.
  • Solos Haydn divided it into two parts, and added choruses and solos, in which form it was given for the first time at Eisenstadt in October, 1797, and published in 1801. The "Seven Words" was a special favourite of the composer himself, who indeed is declared by some to have preferred it to all his other compositions.
  • Sullies That she has returned the Emperor Charles love for love by no means sullies her plumage.
  • Myles In this maner he chased hym more than three myles.
  • Silas One of his brothers thought he had gone with Silas , and Silas fancied that he was with James and Mary, but neither of them till then had missed him.
  • Stiles John the Reif, as well as the former personage, is mentioned by Dunbar, in one of his poems, where he stiles mean persons, Kyne of Rauf Colyard, and Johne the Reif.
  • Styles I know the styles all right, for men, and women too.
  • Salves After he lay back on the couch she bathed his face, and rubbed into the wounds salves which her father had given to her mother and which for years had been preciously preserved.
  • Scales It was enough that Moses should set his claims upon a level with those which Pharaoh reverenced: the king was then bound to weigh their relative merits in other and wholly different scales.
  • Soils Of course, this mineral matter is derived in considerable measure from springs, but is also no doubt to a large extent taken up by the rivers themselves, as they wash the rocks and soils on their journey to the sea.
  • smiles A little less than half the girls had either openly or by friendly smiles and nods declared in favor of Marjorie and her friends.
  • silos In order that a deep enough layer of silage can be fed off each day during the summer to avoid waste, it is evident that to store 250 tons of silage outside the barn, two silos would be required.
  • sues If he sues you, you can talk to the Unions, and they will act with you.
  • cycles Many cycles of years will roll away before these fertile spots will be occupied with the romantic homes of these last-named classes.
  • seals Seals were given chase, but they were able to escape us.
  • sells They 're spending thousands for hundreds since they went abroad; and that chap in the dragoons-the Captain they call him-sells a farm, or a plot of ground, just the way ye 'd tear a leaf out of a book.
  • sables Somebody, a woman, wearing sables , was in the box turning round, evidently in conversation with another person who was hidden.
  • sleds Now we were thrown to one side, again to the other, dragging resistlessly beside the sleds .
  • sylphs These Sylphs , commonly described as little spirits like pygmies in form, correspond to most of the fairies who are not of the Tuatha De Danann or 'gentry' type, and who as a race are beautiful and graceful.
  • isles A swamp drained, or a hill terraced by the Romans, constitutes now as much a part of the natural advantages of the British Isles as though the work had been done by earthquake or glacier.
  • slays But how much sorer woe to the son who dishonours his earthly parent, and in so doing slays within himself the very principle of obedience to the Father of spirits!
  • souls Don't worry about our souls .
  • sees He'll never believe it was you unless he sees you."
  • sails Naples was beyond the picture; the picture held only the blue January morning, with its glittering waters and brown sails and purple points and islands, and little waves that spurtled on warm sand, and behind the bells of Baja calling.
  • solves That solves the difficulty.
  • SOLS "Ten Savoy sols a day.
  • SOLIS In 1515, Juan Diaz de Solis , Grand Pilot of Spain, was sent out by Charles V. to reconnoitre the Brazilian coast in Spanish interests.
  • slurs If Billy Garrison's done dirt-and I admit it looks close like it-I'll bet that your stable, either trainer or owner, shared the mud-pie, all right-" "I've stood enough of those slurs ," cried Waterbury, in a frenzy.
  • yules I asked one question, 'Where are the Yules ?
  • stoles Beyond the fir trees the copse runs up into a corner, where hawthorn bushes, briar, and bramble succeed to the ash-stoles, and are in turn bordered by some width of furze and brake fern.
  • Sykes In such subjects, treated as "charivarieties," as Mr. Arthur Sykes has called them, he has always been supreme, and fulfils an unquestioned destiny.
  • sidles Just as the first gun is heard, Grey sidles nervously to the front of the crowd as if he were doing something very audacious, and draws Hardy's attention, exchanging sympathizing nods with him, but saying nothing, for he knows not what to say, and then disappearing again in the crowd.
  • stales The unknown authors of the noble histories, whose charm never stales , fashioned there the traditions and records of the past into their present shape.
  • accedings
  • adieuxes
  • dis-unity
  • disapprovers
  • fore-speak
  • herculeses
  • herdings
  • homesteaded
  • hoppings
  • mis-files

15 words made from the letters SYLES

  • 4 letter words made from SYLES:

    less, leys, seys, slye.
  • 3 letter words made from SYLES:

    ley, lye, sle, sls, sly, sse, yes.
  • 5 letter words made from SYLES:

    lyses, sleys, syles, yssel.