What is the correct spelling for SYLOW?

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Correct spellings for SYLOW

  • blow "It came on to blow very hard that night.
  • flow A mere suggestion would keep up a flow of agreeable thought for several days.
  • glow Yet I could understand and even appreciate their work, although it is probable that the glow I experienced was in part reflected.
  • low "I am glad," he said, in a low voice.
  • plow He alighted to plow through the dirt until the momentum of force had been expended.
  • sailor Now it was that this young sailor began to show a touch of authority.
  • sale "I do, Mrs Barclay, and I mean to have this ring if it is for sale .
  • sallow She saw his face as he had spoken, his twisted, sallow face, the glimmering of his malicious eyes, with the smile that spilled over from them.
  • salon The young man walked through the salon , gazing at the young widow, and sometimes stopping beside her.
  • scow I seen him wanst, whin some scow unloaders sthruck in Lemont or some other distant place, put on his coat, lay down his shovel, an' go out, be hivins, alone.
  • scylla Scylla feris trunco quod latret ab inguine monstris, 25 Heniochae nautis plus nocuere rates.
  • sell 15. Every year they sell three hundred sets, and Mr. West helps to write the letters.
  • sill The mitre sill of the top lock is 37 feet above mean sea-level, i.
  • silo Both on the Baron's place and at Cotswold long shelter-sheds were being erected for winter protection; and at Cotswold, whose larger size warranted the establishment of a more extensive plant, the firm had put in a small stationary engine to cut the feed, and was building a silo for the preservation of the winter supplies.
  • slaw Once seated, the luncher falls to on anything at hand; bread, cold slaw , crackers, or catsup.
  • slay When others take to themselves the cream from off thy cup of life, do not curse and slay them!
  • slew Then he spoke in scorn to the people, "I have slain one; but who slew all these?"
  • slob What chance has a slob like me with him?
  • sloe Macdonald's wife was an immensely stout, raven-haired, sloe -eyed, talkative body, the most motherly woman I have ever known-I suppose because she was childless.
  • slog
  • slop
  • slot It was at this moment that Hudson slipped down the river from Albany past Fort Lee, and, dropping a nickel in the slot at 125th Street, weighed his anchor at that place.
  • slow "Now," she whispered, with the slow smile coming to her lips, "now, Sandy Morley, I'm going to hang your picture in its place!"
  • slue
  • slur
  • sly
  • snow
  • sol
  • sole
  • solo
  • solon
  • sow
  • stow
  • sylph Nay most and still more incredible; for, strange to say and yet more strange for her to do, even this received such a varnish from her lips, her eyes, her beauties, her irradiating zeal, that reason everlastingly renounce me if I scarcely knew, while she spoke, whether it were not the history of some sylph , some heavenly spirit she was reciting?
  • Sal It should be thoroughly cleansed, on the mornings when the ice is to be renewed, with hot sal soda water followed by a cold bath and a thorough drying.
  • Slows
  • Solos
  • silos Here the venerable monastery of Silos lay securely hidden even from the sacrilegious Moors; and here in later years the dreaded partidas of Mina the guerillero were able to defy the utmost efforts of the French.

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