What is the correct spelling for SYRVEY?

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Correct spellings for SYRVEY

  • resurvey Some thirty-five years afterward it became necessary to resurvey one of its lines, and recourse was had to the original surveys.
  • save I loved you, Richard-but that didn't save me.
  • saver He is thy saver and thy life everlasting, Thy release from sin and thy whole righteousness.
  • savoy She also felt resentment at his flight from the Savoy, his silence and practical disappearance.
  • scurvy No matter how careful a man is, chance sometimes plays him a scurvy trick.
  • sere The thick felt of the mist's white hood, Death with his silence seals the sere Old fishermen of madness here.
  • serer
  • serve The railroad, if you serve it well, will, no doubt, buy your farm for much more than it is worth to you.
  • server She noticed a heavy server computer at the back, presumably networked to all the terminals in the building, and then she remembered that Van de Vliet had once spoken of computer simulations.
  • servo Even then she didn't say a word against the big servo; she just never watched the set again after that.
  • sever Personal elevation, which had not rent the cord between him and his unworthy family, could still less sever the bands between him and the sacred race.
  • shrive Come, shrive me straight; for, if love be a sin, I am the greatest sinner that doth live.
  • sieve Let your mind be like a sieve, and have the meshes coarse enough to keep in the big things and let the little things go through.
  • sire Even if matters were not so bad as this, still "the yet-loved sire would make Confusion worse than death, and shake The pillars of domestic peace."
  • soave Rosini's term "soave" just expresses this picture, so fused and soft, rich yet transparent in the colouring.
  • sore Better stay out, the gambler advised; you'll have sore feet before you finish.
  • sorely In truth, had he been called upon for an opinion, it would have sorely puzzled him what to say.
  • sorry Yes, I'm sorry to say there is news-bad news.
  • starve If they were not fed by man during the long winters they would starve.
  • strive As in Vienna, Berlin, and Paris, the police, who cannot suppress these resorts, strive to control them so far that they shall not outrage openly the conventionalities of society.
  • suave There is something about his suave, silky manner that gives me the creeps.
  • sure "I'm sure I'm not, Sir!
  • surely Surely you know I always want you to do just what you like when you're here?
  • surety I'll be surety that he doesn't get us into any trouble.
  • surrey Yes, he wrote me from a place in Surrey called-tut-tut!
  • survey An Economic and Social Survey of Fairfax County.
  • swerve His eyes changed a trifle but did not swerve.
  • syria And there was a young fellow over there, with rich auburn hair flung back from a fine reddish forehead, who had been pointed out to him as the son of a rich old boy who had been there all his life as a Turkey merchant, with great estates and a grand house at Boudja where they were to hold a magnificent garden party to welcome the old General on his arrival from a tour of inspection in Syria.
  • syrupy It made a river of syrupy light across the water to the east, and it heightened his sense of unreality, his feeling of detachment from danger.
  • Strove He looked down at her and noted a weariness in her manner she strove to conceal.
  • Sylvie Only I'm a bit put out-vexed like at what I've heerd about Sylvie.
  • XREF
  • sorer "Surely I will never be in a sorer strait than I am now," she said to herself; and she drew out the apple and broke it.
  • surer The smaller the distance the surer the shot-therefore nearer and nearer!
  • non-alcoholic Some non-alcoholic beverages contain chocolate, such as chocolate milk, hot chocolate and chocolate milkshakes.

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