What is the correct spelling for SYSTEN?

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Correct spellings for SYSTEN

  • astern So the Bonnie Scotland kept on her course, leaving the lovely islands astern , and out of sight as she passed into the wide expanse of the Caribbean Sea.
  • austen She lived chiefly at Winchester, and it may be interesting to note that her son remembered being at a Twelfth-day party where Jane Austen drew the character of Mrs. Candour, and assumed the part with great spirit.
  • chasten If there is such a thing as love, long absence may renew it, and the sorrow may chasten her heart; but I agree with Solomon that it is better to dwell in a corner of the house-top than with a scolding woman in a wide house."
  • cistern I wake up in the morning all bedraggled; there's a yellow fog outside; little Emily turns on the electric light when she brings me my tea, and says, 'Oh, ma'am, the water's frozen in the cistern , and cook's cut her finger to the bone.
  • cyst A line of separation forms between the living and the dead tissue and a thick cyst wall of fibrous tissue forms around the latter.
  • eastern Arabs from the eastern coast?
  • fasten When she was gone Stanford slid from the bed, intending to make his way to the door and fasten it.
  • hasten Tommy was throwing stones, with his left hand, after his boat, with intent to hasten it.
  • listen Even if she doesn't, Miss Archer may not listen to her.
  • moisten Moisten this with a drop of vinegar or other weak acid and it will disappear in a mass of little bubbles.
  • pastern In cases presenting special difficulty in raising the foot over the brim, help may be had by traction on a rope passed around in front of the hock, and later still by a rope with a noose fastened to the pastern .
  • sadden Its materialism and social vices will also sadden the thoughtful student of its literature and inscriptions.
  • sateen A large-bowled spoon and a sort of Neptune's fork, set up in a white-sateen bed.
  • satin Very shortly thereafter the Squire's Daughter came forth in all the splendor of her white satin and pearls; and she lost no time in letting him know why he had been summoned.
  • seton Mary Seton , to her immortal honour, rode close by the side of her fallen mistress and friend.
  • sexton She knew him well,-as the sexton knows the undertaker,-and she felt sure of finding him at home and awake.
  • sister Oh, Nan,' her sister suddenly said, 'what is the matter?
  • sixteen The floor measured sixteen feet in length and twelve feet in width.
  • smitten Then he turned round and faced the bed, and was suddenly smitten with great shyness at the sight of that white, tired face, and the black hair about the pillow.
  • sodden Deirdre thought of M'Laughlin, sodden with drink, and as much McNab's creature as any other man in the Wirree.
  • soften "I was longer than usual to-night," she said, "trying to soften my hands with that cold cream you so kindly sent for."
  • stein Among them was the staunch patriot Stein !
  • stern She could read nothing there; his mouth was shut tight so that it was a stern , straight line, but that told her nothing.
  • stun Yet the fearful blow was even thus enough to stun Richard, and throw him unconscious to the ground.
  • sudden Lingard felt a sudden feeling of recoil from the woman who sat opposite to him, watching for his answer.
  • sustain They are only combined to sustain their mutual political interests as it regards other nations.
  • sweeten Before sunrise the lost dews of paradise always sweeten those scented woods, and the birds begin to remind you of something you heard in another life, but have forgotten.
  • sydney Mr. Sydney Barnes leaned over from his chair, and his little black eyes twinkled like polished beads.
  • system If Marvin's death was natural, then he is a victim of this system .
  • systole He is in the impregnable position of the body showing all the symptoms of death by lightning shock and nothing else but lightning to account for it-a dilated eye, heart contracted in systole , bloodless lungs shrunk to a third the normal weight, and all the rest of it.
  • western The sun had already passed on that side of the Nile and declined over the desert, sinking into the golden and purple twilight glowing on the western side of the sky.
  • Aston We will proceed south-west up the bed of the river, with Deritend, in the parish of Aston , on our left.
  • Sistine Then came the crowning honour when Perugino received an invitation from the Pope to go to Rome and paint the walls of the Sistine Chapel.
  • Smarten "I was only wishing some one would smarten me up a bit," said the horse.
  • Sutton Are we then to suppose, by this curious historical anecdote, that the inhabitants of Sutton have run away with this celebrated piece of antiquity?
  • Kirsten Lady Kirsten and I have not understood each other.
  • Susan Well, Susan is awfully angry with Mignon for something she said about her, so she has dropped her, and Muriel, too.
  • Stan They'll make him stan' round, I tell ye.
  • Steno The latter had said too much not to continue: Well, I who have not been connected with Madame Steno for years, like you, trembled for her when that return was announced to me.
  • Cysts The mucous cysts found in the mouth, udder, and vestibule of cows are samples of this form.
  • sisters Now I think that would do very well for us too-and it is always nice for two sisters to get married on the same day-only Frank has never asked me a word about it, and how am I to write to him about it?
  • sassed He makes good speeches before the clubs and flaunts his Southern politics just enough to please our Yankee fondness for being politely sassed ."
  • Staten Other club buildings there were, in New York, of greater stateliness, with marble walls and galleries, and well filled libraries, but the "Staten" cared for none of these, and proudly pointed to its members' list, where were inscribed five hundred names which no other club could ever hope to equal.

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