What is the correct spelling for TA ONCE?

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Correct spellings for TA ONCE

  • tank "We'd better top off the tank," Rick said.
  • teenage Beast Boy recruits new Titan members, but the new teenage superheroes are more interested in their fame than seeking true justice.
  • teens Over the rail sprang a stalwart lad, not out of his teens, with a lovely golden-haired girl in his arms.
  • tennis Once or twice there would be a tennis party, then silence ...
  • tense There was a tense silence.
  • thank However, thank God it is life I want, and nothing posthumous, and for two good emotions I would sacrifice a thousand years of fame.
  • thanks Thanks-rather give me a lodging.
  • thing And the thing she calls a stick is the lever, nothing else.
  • things How he felt we know not, and cannot tell: none have a right to describe that grief save they who have passed through it; we dare not unveil the father's heart: we deal but with the external aspect of things, and sad and bitter enough it was.
  • think You think the chimbley's ketched?
  • times The breeze which had been so fresh, and which had even blown, at times, with a force that nearly amounted to a little gale, was lulling and becoming uncertain, as though awed by the more violent power that was gathering along the borders of the sea, in the direction of the neighbouring continent.
  • timing Did you ever try to rid yourself of a thing you did not want? An old glove or a faded knot of ribbon, or a bit of lace? After Bettina has picked it up, and with honest delight returned it as a missing valuable, and every adult and minor in the house has taken his or her turn in depositing it carefully on your table, were you ever driven "clean" demented by the dust-man ringing the area bell, with the article in question, thinking, deluded philanthropist, that he had performed a virtuous action? Go where you may, can you rid yourself of it? Don't it turn up between the covers of books, and stare at you from bureau drawers, and appear simultaneously with your pocket-handkerchief on some august occasion from your robe pocket? Will water quench it, or fire burn it? Don't it always fly up chimney unharmed by the sparks, and watch an opportunity to re-enter at the area door? When you go out, don't it frisk along the gutter, timing itself to your steps, slow or quick; or eddy round your head in a gust of wind, and finally get blown back upon your door-step, where it persists in lodging, spite of brooms and Bettys, till you get as nervous about it as if it were some relentless enemy, dogging your every step? Perhaps all this while you are hunting every nook and corner vainly to find some article you really want, and which persistently keeps out of your way, or at least until you have given it up, and replaced it with a duplicate, when it takes that occasion suddenly to appear, and innocently to confront you, from a fold in an arm-chair, or sofa, or from the corner of a carpet.
  • tons They tried it once, ages ago, but the next night and for a whole moon thereafter a thousand great black battleships circled the Mountains of Otz, pouring tons of projectiles upon the temples, the gardens, and the courts, until every thern who was not killed was driven for safety into the subterranean galleries.
  • twins Peter never quite knew what twins were, and his band were not allowed to know anything he did not know, so these two were always vague about themselves, and did their best to give satisfaction by keeping close together in an apologetic sort of way.
  • tying Some common thin twine for tying joints of rod together.
  • thinks Who else thinks so?
  • tunes The sound of the hoofs on the pavement played little tunes for Betty.
  • towns Utrecht, Haarlem, St. Omer, and Middelburg were among the first which opened their gates to them; the remaining towns followed their example; but in Malines and Herzogenbusch the bishops were received with very little respect.
  • themes The closest parallelism may be detected in its composition of themes.
  • tanks The road took him out of the village and through a little clump of woods to a clearing where several Americans were guarding a couple of big gasoline tanks-part of the spoils of war.
  • teams And then the teams came trotting back once more and cheers thundered forth from opposing stands.
  • tones "It must be thus, my good friend," she spoke, in low, even tones.
  • tongue "The first long stretch he has had," ran the bulletin, from tongue to tongue, "and real sleep, too-the kind that counts!"