What is the correct spelling for TA SEA?

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Correct spellings for TA SEA

  • tag "He's a gentleman, and that's more than you can say for the rag-tag of nobility that paid court to Aline Tarnowsy.
  • take "Well, I'll take that cottage.
  • task Tom went to his own rooms, and set to work to write his letter; and certainly found it as difficult and unpleasant a task as he had ever set himself to work upon. Our Task Behind Mask – Con Clavi Con Dio by Ghost (The Band)
  • tax Nevertheless, we must tax his costs, as of any other solicitor.
  • taxi He pulled up his coat-collar and looked about for a taxi -cab.
  • teach You can not only think yourself, but can teach others to think; so you may call the position yours as quick as you please."
  • tech The Texas Tech Matadors basketball teams represented Texas Tech nological College (now Texas Tech University) in the college basketball seasons of 1925–26 to 1934–35.
  • thesis This is likely enough on a priori grounds, though many of the etymologies of place-names quoted by Moorman in support of his thesis are open to doubt.
  • thick The thick walls opened out.
  • thigh His defensive attitude flashed, and he was at head and right and left leg, and giving point, recovering, thrusting madly, and again at shoulder and thigh , with bravos for reward of a man meaning business; until a topper on his hat, a cut over the right thigh , and the stick in his middlerib, told the spectators of a scientific adversary; and loudly now the gentleman was cheered.
  • though "Oh, my dear, my dear," he said-and she felt him tremble, though he did not touch her.
  • thus As thus read it was-No grub!
  • tissue The tissue should not appear very dark on the plate.
  • toss If she really had this idea, she at once dismissed it with a little toss of her head, and looked away at the river as if she felt no further interest in me.
  • touch "My husband refused to touch my fortune," Iris answered.
  • tough Yes, it was pretty tough .
  • toxic The flesh of fish decays more readily than that of other meats and produces ptomaines, or toxic substances, which are the result of fermentation changes usually associated with putrefaction.
  • twice I had to speak twice , before he heard me.
  • ties You know the relation in which I stand to this family, with whom I am connected by no ties of blood, but who have been so good to me."
  • Took Philo Gubb took them and looked at them, puzzled.
  • These Now, about these Gaffneys?"
  • This Is this in Imbros?
  • Those Those you must have.
  • Taxes London paid one-eighth of all the taxes of England.
  • Toys Bob took her to the library, to her mother's room, to her own, to the nursery where were the dolls and toys of her childhood, but there came no sign of recognition, nothing but childish pleasure.
  • takes "You look like a man who has missed his dinner; or, as John Bull, outwitted by brother Jonathan," said his bride elect with a latent meaning as laughing heartily she takes his arm to the carriage.
  • touches The first of these touches conveyed that the written statement took up the tale at a point after it had, in a manner, begun.
  • tasks He was indefatigable in doing the tasks assigned him.
  • tags
  • teaches Meantime she teaches us Japanese and we teach her English which she already knows, and she giggles every time we speak.
  • thighs Joseph Smith advanced into the flowing river and stood in a pool where the water was well up to his thighs .

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