What is the correct spelling for TACILE?

If you mistakenly type "tacile" instead of "tactile", fret not! Here are some suitable suggestions to rectify the error. "Tackle" refers to engaging with a challenge, while "talcum" alludes to a powdery substance. "Tactual" implies relating to touch and "tacitly" signifies expressing something indirectly. Hopefully, these alternatives will help amend the misspelling.

Correct spellings for TACILE

  • Cecile Cecile is a professional pianist who has been performing for over 20 years.
  • docile The docile kitten snuggled in my arms as I petted it gently.
  • facile Because she had studied the material for weeks, the exam was facile for her.
  • Lucile Lucile was a strong-willed and determined woman.
  • racily I didn't mean to be so racily, but the comment just felt like it needed a response.
  • table I need to leave the table to answer the door.
  • tacit Her tacit agreement to the plan was evident in her averted gaze and pursed lips.
  • tacitly She tacitly accepted the terms of the agreement by not protesting.
  • tackle He had to tackle the difficult math problem to pass the test.
  • tackler The tackler made a great hit on the opposing team's running back, causing a turnover.
  • tactile The rug was incredibly tactile.
  • tail The lion's tail was as long as his body.
  • tails Heads or tails, flip the coin to decide.
  • tale The Tale of Briar Rose is one of the most famous fairy tales ever written.
  • tamale In Mexico, tamale-making is considered a tradition passed down from generation to generation.
  • tamil My favorite movie is Tamil.
  • tattle My little brother likes to tattle on me whenever I break one of my mom's rules.
  • tickle I can't stop giggling when you tickle my feet.
  • tile Her kitchen is covered in ceramic tile.